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December 3, 2012 - SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC – Management of Market Group Ventures (Promolux Lighting & Econofrost Night Covers) announced today that Jamie Orr has resigned from his position as North American Key Account Manager. Senior regional manager, Scott Werhun, becomes the main point of contact for MGV’s USA accounts, while Trevor Brien – MGV’s [...]

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Canadian Retailers Starting The New Year With Savings

ECONOFROST’s Easy-to-Install Pull Down Night Covers Save Energy, Reduce Shrink & Keep Foods Fresher, Longer! This New Year, Canadian retailers are set to position themselves as leaders of the industry when it comes to undertaking retrofit and energy savings projects. And for many independent grocers across Canada, one of the simplest and most effective energy [...]

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Thermal Curtains Insulate Retailers Profit Margins and Success

Product loss is one of the leading issues for grocers and fresh food retailers. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted world-wide on an annual basis. That is why it is so important to protect the shelf life of perishable foods at the store [...]

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Energy Management Techniques for Grocery Stores

Every fresh food retailer who owns or manages a grocery store knows that their operation draws a huge amount of electrical energy. Energy management is a major area of concern for retailers world-wide. Many of the sought after products in a grocery store, such as dairy products, fresh produce and meat items are stored in [...]

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Retailers are Rising to the Challenge of Energy Conservation

Grocery stores and independent retailers like the easy access and excellent visibility afforded by open-cased merchandisers but lament the operational costs associated with these commercial cases. Refrigerated display cases pose a unique challenge to retailers – how do they continue to offer their shoppers greater accessibility to products while striving for a sustainable operation in [...]

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Supermarkets They’re Covered When It Comes to Energy Savings

Have you ever noticed if your local supermarket or grocery store is using retrofit night covers to save energy and reduce product waste? Many food retailers have invested in night covers as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. Night covers are more than just energy savings, they also improve product appearance and lower operating [...]

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Lowering the Bill – Night Curtains and Energy Saving Econofrost Helps Grocers Keep Cool Heads and a Lid on Operating Costs

For grocery stores of all sizes, maintaining adequate food sustainability is more imperative than ever. Large-scale retailers and independent grocers alike must strive for enhanced cost-efficiency on all fronts. Every commercial food vendor knows that excessive energy consumption and overhead are the primary profit eroders. In the perishable food industry, conservation of energy and inventory [...]

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Night Covers for Refrigerated Cases will Save Money, Energy and Lower Operating Costs

Did you know that stores can save money and energy by using night covers on commercial refrigerated cases during stores closed hours, and the effect on the environment is considerable. If your grocery store, convenience store or supermarket is trying to become more energy efficient or you are considering alternatives that will save money and [...]

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BC Hydro Energy Rebates

Attention all grocery retailers and specialty markets across British Columbia. Provincial utility provider BC Hydro has just launched new rebate programs effective June 1, 2010. These product incentive programs provide financial incentives to retailers seeking ways to incorporate energy-efficient products into their business. Market Group Ventures, a Vancouver Island business that manufacturers and sells Econofrost [...]

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