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The 7000 series is a smaller profile version of the 9000 series. The lighter weight and slimmer design allows this night cover to be installed into areas with tighter space requirements.

Ideal for budget conscious projects the 7000 series still retains the same qualities and features as the 9000 series including the patented braking system, the slim line handle and magnet fasteners. The bottom profile rail is slimmer and the woven aluminum fabric is silver/silver foil.


Fabric: Perforated aluminum weave sealed with polyethylene and Reinforced with fiber edges

Fabric Length: 78”

Handle: Clip-on Slim-Line handle secures with: 2 Silicone-Ringed Clip-On Magnets on bottom rail profile

Housing: Recyclable extruded aluminum cassette cover

Mounting System: Acrylic PVC End-Caps (with cap covers)

Braking System: Counter-Torsion Spring/Brake Mechanism. Easy to adjust

Bottom Rail Profile: Recyclable Extruded Aluminum (25mm)

Optional Accessories: Hook (for handle) in lieu of magnets

Sizes and Applications

Image of Econofrost 7000 Series night cover

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft models with a vertical fabric length of 78 inches, the 7000 series easily attaches to most upright multi-deck, single deck, tub and coffin style display cases.

Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage and floral displays, the 7000 series will effectively help you meet your energy savings and shrink management and sustainability objectives.

7000 Series Retrofit Cassette Night Cover

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– 4ft retrofit cassette unit

– 6ft retrofit cassette unit

– 8ft retrofit cassette unit

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