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9000 Series

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The #1 night cover in North America. The superior ergonomic design, robust construction and performance of the 9000 series model has made this the “workhorse” night cover of the food retail industry. This is the one all other brands compare to.The 9000 series retains those characteristics of performance and reliability which makes Econofrost the world’s #1 brand of night cover, while adding features our customers have told us are important to them.The new and improved stronger bottom profile rail now accepts a snap-on slim line handle and snap on magnetic fasteners which hold the night covers securely to the case.Retailers enjoy the new low profile handle and magnetic fasteners which make Econofrost easier to use and less visible.


Fabric Type : Perforated Woven Aluminum laminated to Polyethersulfone and Sealed with Polyethylene. Edges are Laser Sealed.

Safety : Anti-Bacterial material exceeding UL94HB Fire Retardent Standard

Fabric Length: 78”

Handle : Clip-on Slim-Line Handle Secures with: 2 x clip-on magnets on the bottom rail profile

Housing : Recyclable Extruded Aluminum Cassette Cover

Mounting System : Permanent two-piece glass reinforced plastic mounting system with male/female brackets

Braking System : Smooth, Controlled Retraction using Hydraulic Spring/Brake Assembly. Easy to Adjust

Bottom Rail Profile : Recyclable Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum (30mm)

Optional : (1) Hook (for handle) in lieu of magnets, (2) Clip-on Hooks for horizontal coffin cases

Sizes and Applications

Image of Econofrost 9000 Series night cover

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft wide models with a vertical fabric length of 78 inches, the 9000 series easily attaches to most upright multi-deck, single deck, tub and coffin style display cases.

Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage and floral displays, the 9000 series will effectively help you meet your energy savings and shrink management objectives.

The 9000NP Series -Non-Perforated model

Image of produce display night cover

The ECONOFROST NP (non-perforated) night cover is designed just for produce applications. Specific humidity levels are important in these cases and the BTU requirements are different than other open refrigerated display cases.

ECONOFROST NP night covers are designed to allow for maximum energy savings and extended product freshness. The NP model is for all types of open display wet rack produce cases with or without misting systems, and where water content may vary. ECONOFROST NP night covers installed on produce cases provide energy savings along with maximum shrink and discard benefits.

9000 Series Retrofit Cassette Night Cover

Item #



– 4ft retrofit cassette unit


– 6ft retrofit cassette unit


– 8ft retrofit cassette unit

Non-Perforated Cassettes for Wet-Rack Produce Cases


– 4ft non-perforated cassette just for produce wet rack


– 6ft non-perforated cassette just for produce wet rack


– 8ft non-perforated cassette just for produce wet rack

Covered Dairy Case
Covered Meat Case
Covered Produce Case
Produce Night Ccover
Produce Night Cover Install_flyer_front
Grab-n-Go Case Before
Grab-n-Go Case After
Merchandiser Case Covered
Beverage Cooler Before
Beverage Cooler After
Grocery Del Case Before
Grocery Deli Case After_covers
Freezer Case with Retracted Night Covers
Night Covers Pulled Down on Freezer Case
Deli Merchandiser Covered With ECONOFROST Night Covers
Covered Dairy Case Install
Covered Beverage Case
Dairy Case Cooler Covered
Meat Case Covered
Dairy (Jugo) Case Covered Termos Cubiertas
Vegetable Case Coveredveggies