Meat Prep Room Outfitted With Electric Night Covers

Image of meat prep room night cover application
Image of meat prep room night curtain application

Refrigerated meat prep rooms and service areas can easily be retrofitted with standard or electric motor driven night covers.

Night covers are ideal for these areas as they help conserve energy, keep the room cold and when needed, help keep the area closed off and hidden from shoppers view when not staffed or in operation.

If you chose to use electric motor driven night blinds to secure these areas, the motor blinds can simply be wired into the stores’ energy management system and scheduled to automatically open and close when needed.

Does your store have a service opening or cold room storage that is allowing heat and ambient light to cascade in? Are shoppers looking in at a meat prep room that is empty and void? Wouldn’t it be better for them to see a night blind with your company logo or slogan? If you answered “yes”, then it’s time to install Econofrost night covers. And we can help get you started.