L'histoire et le développement de couvertures de nuit

What is the purpose of Econofrost night covers?

A night cover is an industry recognized pull-down curtain specifically constructed for fresh food refrigerated display cases. The purpose of Econofrost night covers is to support fresh food retails in their effort to conserve energy, reduce food waste, improve refrigeration efficiency, lower operating costs and extend shelf life.

How were Econofrost night covers developed?

Econofrost night covers were originally built on the combined research and expertise of former Krupp and Linde engineers. Night covers were first widely used in Europe before they made their transition to North America. With sky-rocketing energy costs and pressure to become more sustainable, night covers are becoming the necessity for fresh food retailers world-wide.

produce multi-rack wet case

Who are the typical customers of Econofrost night covers?

The typical customers of the Econofrost brand of night covers include major retail chains, independent store owners, food service operators and institutions like schools and hospitals. In addition, refrigeration service contractors and food equipment vendors purchase Econofrost night covers for their grocery store customers. Lisez les témoignages réels détaillant

Les types et l'importance de bonne nuit de couverture en tissu

Q: What is unique about Econofrost’s night cover fabric?

A: What sets Econofrost apart from other night covers is it’s woven aluminum perforated fabric which is bonded with PVC to give it strength. It is also coated with a fire-retardant transparent film which exceeds 94HB (horizontal burn) restrictions.

Q: Quels sont les avantages de l'utilisation de ce type de tissu?

A: tissu tissé d'aluminium a la plus forte réflectivité (capacité à dévier le rayonnement et de la chaleur) et les plus basses valeurs d'émissivité (le tissu ne pas absorber ou de conduite de la chaleur). Comme cela est empêché par suite de l'air chaud du magasin et de la lumière à partir d'entremêlement le déversement d'air froid qui circule à l'intérieur de vitrines réfrigérées. Les deux cas internes et des températures plus froides produits restent plus qui se traduit par des économies d'énergie et de produits!

Comparing night cover fabrics

Q: Quel est le but des perforations? Et les stores produisent non perforés?

A: Humidity levels in grocery stores are often very high compared to the inside of a refrigeration display case, which can cause condensation build-up. The perforated fabric standard to Econofrost night covers, allows condensation to evaporate regardless of whether the night cover is up or down.

For produce cases which may or may not have misting systems, we have designed a night cover series without perforations. The Econofrost 9000 series NP (non-perforated) enables open display wet rack produce cases to be closed at night and allows for maximum energy savings in the produce department. The produce department has one of the highest rates of shrinkage so installing night covers makes the most sense. However, specific humidity levels are important in these cases and the BTU requirements are different than other open refrigerated display cases. The NP covers are just meant for produce cases with or without misting systems and where water content may vary.

Q: Comment est-il facile à nettoyer le tissu et que dois-je utiliser?

A: The Econofrost brand of night covers are really easy to keep clean and require little to no servicing. If you need to clean the fabric, a light solution of liquid soap is all that is required. Abrasive detergent or commercial cleaners are not advised.

Calculating the Benefits and Payback of Econofrost Night Covers

Q: How long will Econofrost night covers last?

A: With proper use and operation of the night covers, the Econofrost brand of night covers can last up to 10 years! The quality construction and durable nature of the product coupled with the modular design ensures your Econofrost night cover provides trouble-free service for many years.

Q: What is the typical payback period for retailers who purchase Econofrost night covers?

A: There are a variety of factors that affect the payback time, such as: the number of hours the store is closed, the local cost of energy, the equipment’s efficiency and the store environment. Typically retailers realize a période de récupération de trois allant de dix-huit mois lorsque le magasin est fermé au moins 60 heures par semaine. Des périodes plus courtes de remboursez sont généralement obtenus lorsqu'un avantages de magasin d'une réduction significative du retrait et jeter en plus de leurs économies d'énergie combinées.

Q: What are the secondary benefits of using Econofrost night covers?

A: There are many benefits to using Econofrost night covers. In addition to energy savings and reduced food spoilage, Econofrost night covers also help keep products colder, shopping aisles warmer and provide additional protection in the event of a power outage. Econofrost night covers also help reduce service and maintenance costs associated with commercial refrigeration systems, they reduce labor costs associated with trimming and maintaining of displays but most importantly they allow shoppers unrestricted access to products which supports a store’s overall objectives.

Q: Was Econofrost tested by an independent third party?

A: Yes, independent studies along with private tests in supermarket chains validate the many benefits of installing Econofrost night covers. Econofrost has been tested by TUV (Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein Rheinland E.V.), which is equivalent to the UL in the United States and the CSA in Canada. These tests confirmed that Econofrost provides daily savings.

Southern California Edison’s state of the art refrigeration lab technology and test center conducted an experiment to measure the power use and performance of a refrigerated display case with and without Econofrost night covers. Their rapport verified that using Econofrost night shields had a positive effect on energy savings and lowered product temperatures, a key element in prolonging the shelf life of perishable foods.

How long do ECONOFROST night covers last

Q: What is the R value of Econofrost night covers?

R: Il n'y a vraiment pas de réponse. En raison de la faible épaisseur du matériau, il est pratiquement impossible de tester les valeurs de R du tissu en utilisant des pratiques normales d'essai (test de la valeur de R se fait habituellement sur des matériaux épais comme isolant BATT). D'autres entreprises peuvent tenter d'appliquer une valeur R à leurs couvertures de nuit, mais les méthodes d'essai actuelles ne supportent pas.

Questions sur l'installation et nuit Produits personnalisés couverture

Q: Do I have to purchase Econofrost night covers as a retrofit option or is there a factory model?

A: For most cases already at the store level, a retrofit cassette is the preferred option. For a new case being ordered direct from the original case manufacturer, you can specify to have Econofrost installed. There are a select group of OEM’s who currently install Econofrost night covers in their cases for their grocery store clients.

Q: I’ve seen other night cover installs with many open gaps between each night cover unit, how is Econofrost any different?

A: Econofrost night covers also have small gap or openings that are visible when two or more units are installed side-by-side. In general, they represent an insignificant loss of energy as cold air tends to move downward and the openings allow the unit to breathe however if a retailer has no option but to install 4-foot units then the number of stop gaps increases and it can counteract the purpose of having night covers.

That is why we manufacturer longer length units and recommend retailers install the biggest length they could use. In addition, using 8-foot cassettes helps retailers cover more space with less number of units which also means less units to operate and service over time.

Q: Quelles sont vos tailles standard et longueurs de tissu?

A: At present we stock standard linear lengths of 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot cassette units in our retrofit models. Our electric motor driven blinds also offer a 12-foot unit. Please note, we accept custom orders and we can manufacture a variety of sizes.

The fabric length of our standard models measures 80 inches which easily covers a cooler case opening of 78″. For our electric units, standard fabric vertical length is 15-foot and 12-foot linear length.

Image of Econofrost night cover fabric sizes

Q: Que faire si je besoin d'une longueur de tissu plus ou une unité plus petite?

A: If you need longer fabric length we can most likely accommodate your request with a custom order. We can provide custom motor blinds with a maximum vertical fabric height of 20 feet and a maximum linear length of 20 feet. The smallest sized cassette unit we can provide is 27.75″ linear length.

Q: How do I determine whether I should use 4-foot, 6-foot or 8-foot units?

A: If you have a consecutive run of cases, the goal would be to incorporate as many 8-foot units as possible. Using 8-foot units in a store environment has three major benefits: First, it is less costly; one 8-foot unit is less expensive than 2 X 4-foot units. Second, it provides better energy savings; less gaps between the fabric of each night cover means improved performance. Third, less labor; when you use 8-foot units you use half the number of night covers to enclose a lineup of cases and therefore you save on time required to pull-down and retract the night covers each night and morning.

Q: Quel est le but ou l'application d'un moteur électrique entraîné aveugle?

A: La plupart des supermarchés demandent nos unités de mise à niveau manuelle standard en raison de leur moindre coût et une installation simple. Cependant, nous offrons automatique moteur électrique unités entraînées qui sont idéales pour de longues courses consécutives, les salles de préparation de la viande et des aires de service et de chambres froides. stores à moteur de sens pour les applications où opèrent une couverture de nuit à la chiquenaude d'un interrupteur ou l'avoir connecté au système de gestion de l'énergie d'un des magasins est plus efficace.

Image of Econofrost electric night cover motor

Q: Où est le moteur situé?

A: Le moteur électrique spécialement conçu adapte à l'intérieur du tube de l'unité de couvercle de nuit. Vous installez simplement le couvercle électrique dans un mur ou un plafond à montage vertical.

Q: Combien d'unités peuvent fonctionner avec un moteur?

R: Dans la plupart des installations, plusieurs unités peuvent être reliés entre eux pour s'enfuir d'une unité de moteur. Une unité de moteur peut engager trois unités esclaves / auxiliaires pour terminer une longueur maximale de 48 pieds.

Q: unités électriques se transformer en couvertures manuel de nuit? Peut-être un converti aveugle actionné manuellement dans une couverture de nuit électrique?

R: Les unités électriques et manuelles ont différents composants et tubes. Leurs composants ne peuvent pas être interchangés ou adaptés pour modifier la conception.

Q: Dois-je commander le moteur séparément?

A: Les unités électriques ne comprennent pas les moteurs et doivent être achetés comme un élément distinct par nous. Le terme « unité électrique » désigne celui qui peut être relié à un moteur. Lors de la commande des stores électriques, vous devez spécifier la quantité d'unités électriques, le nombre de moteurs et le nombre d'unités auxiliaires ou esclaves nécessaires pour compléter votre projet.

Comparing Econofrost to Other Night Cover Products

Q: How does Econofrost differ from other night cover products?

A: Econofrost is specifically constructed for food retail environments and as such we do not use any harmful sprays or coatings to prevent mold or mildew. With our engineered solution, mold, mildew and condensation are not an issue. Furthermore, we provide retailers with a variety of sizes and styles so they can confidently select the night cover most appropriate for their store.

The biggest difference between Econofrost and other night cover products is our woven aluminum fabric which is the most ideal material for a night cover product. What also differentiates us from other companies and products is our expertise and industry network. We have been in business for over 30 years and we stand behind our product, if something is not right, you can be sure we will make it right. We are not a fly-by-night company who piggybacks on the success of others!

Q: J'ai vu les détaillants utilisent des bandes de vinyle, je ne peux pas utiliser tout ce lieu?

A: Vinyl strips were the first descendant of the night cover and they are still used today but their design and purpose differs from the night cover. They are intended for use 24 hours a day and on cold storage entrances that require access 24/7. They help to keep cold air in but do very little to protect light sensitive merchandise from ultraviolet radiation.

Q: Qu'en est-il des couvertures faites à partir de films en polyester?

A: Les couvercles avec un film de polyester mince génèrent des économies d'énergie beaucoup plus faible que le tissu d'aluminium réfléchissant. Ces couvertures bon marché de mauvaise qualité perdent leur tension formée dans un court laps de temps et commencent à se effilocher et le pli en peu de temps. Les détaillants qui tentent nuit pas cher couvre les jeter rapidement en raison de leur mauvaise performance et l'apparence.

Q: Quelle est la différence entre les couvertures de nuit et les portes en verre?

A: L'utilisation de portes en verre est plus pratique dans les zones à faible trafic ou les heures creuses. Il est un fait avéré que les ventes d'aliments surgelés non essentiels sont très touchés lorsque les portes en verre sont installées. En outre, le coût de l'installation de portes en verre est extrêmement prohibitif pour de nombreux détaillants. Voilà pourquoi les couvertures de nuit sont la solution la plus pratique et rentable.

Econofrost night covers comparison

Q: How is Econofrost similar to other night cover products?

A: The biggest similarity among the Econofrost brand of night covers and other products is their objective; to help fresh food retailers save energy, product and money. Some products are just better at. A number of companies have tried to introduce products to compete with Econofrost. Most did not succeed due to poor quality or lack of attention to the needs of retailers. Refrigeration engineers designed Econofrost with the highest quality specifications in mind and we continually evolve our product line to meet the changing needs of independent store owners and chain stores alike.

Q: Why should I buy or recommend Econofrost night covers?

A: The number one reason why you should purchase Econofrost night covers is because of its bas coût réel de la propriété. This is the most significant factor that sets us apart from other products on the market. Econofrost and its channel partners have the capability to offer a full turn-key service solution to coordinate and manage your night cover installation project. We are the only night cover provider to have installed retrofit roll outs for major chains with 100+ stores. Our product is constructed with top quality materials and is not manufactured in China so a cheap inferior product is not what you will be purchasing. Instead you will be purchasing a product that is the culmination of 30 years experience and engineering. So when you are looking to purchase night covers, we urge you to call us first!

Questions on Specific Applications for Econofrost Night Covers

Q: Mes affaires produisent ont des systèmes de brumisation, puis-je utiliser des couvertures de nuit?

R: Oui. ministères Produire sont l'une des premières zones, nous vous recommandons d'installer des couvertures de nuit. Les économies de produits en psy réduit l'emportent souvent les économies d'énergie dans ce un service! Quelle que soit des systèmes de brumisation, produisent des vitrines doivent être couverts pour contrôler le gaspillage d'énergie et de protéger les produits de flétrissement ou le séchage prématurément pendant la nuit. Nous avons conçu une couverture de nuit spécifiquement pour les cas de produire, the 9000 series NP version (Non perforée). La série NP est conçu pour fournir une énergie maximale et produit d'épargne pour les cas de produire avec ou sans systèmes de brumisation.

Q: Nous avons des cas de congélation ouvert de style bain aussi connu comme cercueil ou larges cas de l'île, peut-on utiliser la nuit couvre à ce sujet?

R: Oui. L'air froid a tendance à tomber au fond de congélateurs de cercueil île and warm air curtains that form at the top of the case will often adversely affect food packaging. Using Econofrost night covers on these freezer tubs will not only improve the efficiency of these units, it will also protect the food and the packaging from becoming moist and soft. Econofrost provides a viable solution for closing these wide island cases at night.

Q: Après avoir installé la nuit couvre mes cas de viande, je devrai régler mes commandes du thermostat?

A: A self-serve meat case will typically have a discharge air temperature of about 22° to 24° F in order to ensure the product holds constant at or near 32° F. Since the discharge air temperature is so low, it is important to closely monitor the case once a night cover is installed. If the case is controlled by a thermostat or electronic evaporator pressure regulator valve (PEER Valve), La température du boîtier (température de l'air de décharge) ajustera automatiquement lorsque les couvercles sont tirés vers le bas et il n'y a généralement pas d'autre surveillance ou les ajustements nécessaires.

Covering the display case with Econofrost creates a thermal barrier between the product inside the case and the ambient store air. It ensures the product temperature comes down to discharge air temperature. If the display case is controlled with a EPR mécanique Valve, Alors il ne peut pas ajuster automatiquement et en tant que tel, il y a un gel possibilité se produira.

To ensure this does not happen, a night-time temperature setback is suggested. A night-time temperature setback is done by the refrigeration service technician – and the amount of adjustment depends on each refrigeration system. We suggest trying 1° F to start. For example, if the case discharges at 22° F, the technician may adjust the mechanical EPR Valve to 23° F and monitor it from there.

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