Market Group Ventures Inc. is pleased to bring Promolux Lighting International and Econofrost night curtains to Expo Carnes 2009 in Monterrey, Mexico. Billed as the gateway for the world’s meat suppliers to do business in Mexico, Expo Carnes is an international meat industry exhibition and convention held every two years. This year’s convention is open February 25 through 27, 2009 and includes topics of interest such as food safety, the global meat market and Canada’s meat industry updated

A world leader in providing retail technology solutions to the supermarket industry, MGV is the parent company of Promolux Lighting International and Econofrost night curtains. Promolux can be found alongside Econofrost in Booth 1406 at Cintermex conference center. Representatives seek meetings with meat industry retailers and equipment designers interested in food safety and meeting consumer demand for the freshest merchandise available.

Promolux is a leading manufacturer of true color definition lighting for merchandising displays, and offers full color balanced lighting solutions that dramatically improve the visual impact of fresh meat displays. Promolux Safe Spectrum food lighting also helps extend the shelf life of perishable food displays reducing lipid oxidation drying and other damaging effects of light. Promolux low radiation lamps are designed specifically for fresh food displays to maintain product integrity, color, freshness and nutrititional value of meats, dairy, produce and other fresh food displays. See

Econofrost night covers provide a simple, affordable way to save energy by maintaining temperature control in open refrigeration cases, prolonging the shelf life of refrigerated merchandise, and decreasing the energy load on refrigeration equipment. Econofrost woven aluminum display covers can be specified as an option from most manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment or ordered for retrofits. Econofrost has served the supermarket industry since 1975 and has made over 250,000 thermal shield installations in nearly 30 countries.