For grocery stores of all sizes, maintaining adequate food sustainability is more imperative than ever. Large-scale retailers and independent grocers alike must strive for enhanced cost-efficiency on all fronts. Every commercial food vendor knows that excessive energy consumption and overhead are the primary profit eroders. In the perishable food industry, conservation of energy and inventory is imperative to gain a competitive edge.

Once again, Econofrost is on the scene to help save the day and dollars for food vendors.

A Closer Look at Econofrost Night Curtains

Econofrost retrofit thermal covers give grocers the best thermal barrier and industrial-quality refrigeration in existence. The main keys to greater profitability are cooler product and case interiors, and product temperature stability. In addition, deflecting ambient heat and radiation from refrigerator casing prolongs the shelf life, integrity, and consumer eye appeal of perishable food items.

Night covers are ideal for the drastic reduction of utility and product wastage overhead costs. There are many sizes, designs, and models available on today’s marketplace. Econofrost offers the best energy solutions to suit every need.

Benefits of Econofrost Refrigeration Blinds:

Substantial Energy Savings – The company’s exclusive closed design retains cold air within the interior of food display cases.

Unique Construction – Econofrost night covers are constructed from a special perforated aluminum weave for ideal temperature regulation. This means that mechanical components do not have to work as hard to maintain temperature consistency.

Thus, the serviceable life of commercial refrigeration equipment is lengthened considerably. This Econofrost advantage results in reduced discard rates from premature discoloration, spoilage, and shrinkage of edible products.

Wide selection of product specificationsEconofrost night curtains are available in three standardized widths of four, six, and eight feet. Econofrost also offers retailers and OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) custom night cover products and sizes. Attached fabric backing covers a vertical opening of to 76 inches long.

Superior Parts Protection – All metallic brakes, spring assemblies, and internal implements are constructed to remain free of corrosion and rust for the unit’s entire useful life.

Energy Efficient Exterior Design – The open cassette design of all Econofrost coolers inhibits condensation accumulation by increasing the unit’s internal breathing. Thus, harmful mildew, mold and bacteria growth is prevented without the use of toxic sprays or anti-microbial treatments.

Reinforced Taped Edges – This feature prolongs usable lifespan and enhances functionality of woven aluminum fabric that is specially engineered to withstand thousands of retractions throughout its lifetime.

Get a Better Grip – Night cover handles are designed in a slender clip-on style which facilitates ultra-secure fastening of the cover to the refrigeration case bumper. Patented engineering also ensures they are easier to use and provide greater durability.

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