Service Case Cassette 3000 Series

  • Compact and Easy to Install: The cassette design allows for easy installation and removal when needed.
  • Customizable Sizes: Available in standard and custom sizes, catering to your specific display requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Safeguard fresh foods from warm air, radiation, dust, and insects during closed or slow hours, reducing utility bills and improving overall energy efficiency.


Introducing the innovative new retractable refrigeration night cover by Econofrost, the 3000 Series Retrofit Cassette. This design was developed based on customer requests to enhance refrigerated service cases and displays of any length and widths up to 30” (800 mm) for energy-saving purposes and to safeguard fresh foods from warm air, radiation, dust, and insects during closed or slow hours.

The compact cassette is easy to install and boasts the unique feature of being removable when needed. With all the quality features of Econofrost night covers, it ensures product integrity, lowers utility bills, and improves energy efficiency.

Available in standard and custom sizes, it’s the ultimate solution for supermarkets, food service operators and specialty food stores seeking optimal performance and savings with open refrigerated food display cabinet cases.


North American

Model Type: Retrofit Cassette

Fabric Type: Woven Aluminum; Perforated; Silver/Silver Foil Sealed with Polyethylene Reinforced Fibre Edges

Anti-Bacterial: Engineered Solution

Fabric Length: 30” (80cm)

Handle: Rigid Fitted handle with integrated fitted hook for securing with fitted hook-for-handle part

Sizes: 23-5/8” (600mm), 35-5/8” (905mm), 47-5/8” (1210mm) width

Housing: Recyclable Extruded Aluminum Cassette Cover

Mounting System: Removable Mounting Clip or Acrylic PVC End-Caps (with cap covers)

Braking System: Counter-Torsion Spring/Brake Mechanism

Retension: Factory Preset Tension – Easy Adjustment –

Bottom Rail Profile: Recyclable Extruded Aluminum (25mm)

Optional: Hook (for handle) in lieu of magnets

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