ECONOFROST’s Electric Motor Driven Night Covers

Image of Econofrost Electric night covers

Below you will see a variety of installation images of the ECONOFROST Electric Motor Driven Blinds.

Electrically operated, motor blinds are perfect for service rooms and cold room storage areas as well as long line-ups of refrigerated cases.

Motor Bblinds being Tied Into the Stores' Energy Managment System
Installing Electric Motor Blinds
Close Up of the Blinds Motor Unit
Side View of the ElLectric Blind Mounting
Testing of the Electric Night Covers
Electric Blinds Rolled Down
Completed Run of Electric Night Covers
Produce Department Using Electric Night Covers
Motor Blinds Fully Operational
Back of Meat Prep Room With BlindsView Open
Meat Prep Room View 2
Electric Blinds Installed in Meat OPrep Room
Front View of Meat Prep Room, Blinds Down Closed 2
Front View of Meat Prep Room, Blinds Open