ECONOFROST’s Custom Night Cover Products

Image of Econofrost ELOC Series custom night cover
The ELOC Series Custom Lockable Night Cover

ECONOFROST’s lockable display case covers “ELOC” are designed to prevent access to retail display cases and to provide an increased level of security.

They are ideal for retailers, food service providers, convenience shops, pharmacies and supermarkets looking for soft level of security for their cases.

Security night covers are factory installed and are perfect for securing merchandise in areas that must remain open to the public. ECONOFROST night covers help supermarkets, institutions, and retail outlets that are closed as little as 6 hours a night regain lost dollars from theft, unnecessary energy consumption, and premature spoilage of perishable products.

Security merchandiser covers combine the advantages of ECONOFROST with improved loss prevention, resulting in a fast pay back period. They are easy to use and are made to fit a variety of display cases. These night curtains last for years and are made from a durable and hygienic material.

Security night curtains are also screen printable, creating highly visible advertising opportunities when deployed.

Sizes and Applications

Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft models with a vertical fabric length of 78 inches, the ELOC series easily attaches to most upright multi-deck, single deck, tub and coffin style display cases.

Ideal for beverage/alcholic, tobacco and pharmacy cases along with floral displays, the ELOC series will effectively help you keep your merchandise secure and protected.

Custom Logo Printing and Company Branding

If you are using night covers to hide empty racks or closed service areas why not take it to the next step and have your product or company logo custom printed on the fabric of the night cover.

Having your night covers customized with your logo is a great way to re-emphasize brand loyalty and get your company name in front of hundreds of shoppers walking by.

Image of night cover custom logo printing

Custom Logo and Printing

Item #




– custom logo printing

pricing on request

Contact us today to inquire custom logo and screen printing for your night covers.

Custom Night Cover Features

We also offer a variety of fabric options (clear fabric, black fabric etc…) for custom orders.

If you require intermittent braking on the retraction for your night cover application, we can do that as well.

Contact us today and let us meet your custom night cover needs.

Contact us today to inquire about custom night cover solutions.

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