ECONOFROST’s XL Series Replacement Parts

Image of Econofrost XL Series night cover
The Econofrost XL series is designed specifically as an after market night cover unit for Hussmann EXCEL display cases.

The ECONOFROST XL model easily installs into Hussmann excel case, which basically requires no tools or parts as it uses the pre-exisitng brackets installed from the factory.

The ECONOFROST XL model securely tucks out of sight and helps retailers save energy and product for many years. Our product line of the XL is expanding and we may add accessory components for purchase so check back regularly.

The ECONOFROST XL outlasts other night cover brands which means your investment lasts longer and your savings potential is also significantly improved.

XL Series After-Market Replacement Parts & Adaptable Components

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New Handle for XL units (coming soon!)


Spindle Lock (for XL series only)

Image of Econofrost XL Series spindle lock
Contact us today to learn more about how the XL Series can be installed using pre-exisitng factory brackets.