We have put together a collection of videos below explaining the benefits of Econofrost, how it works, and why it can save you so much energy and money. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with requests for future video topics!

Introduction to Econofrost Display Case Covers – Keep food fresher for longer and save money with Econofrost Display Case Covers. With 30 years of experience in the food retail industry, Econofrost is ideal for supermarket and grocery store produce cases, meat cases, deli cases, and any open refrigerated display cases.

How to Install the Econofrost 9000 Series Retrofit Cassette Night Cover – Video showing how to install Econofrost 9000 Series Retrofit Cassette Night Cover

Econofrost Return on Investment – See how Econofrost saves electricity, and helps keep your costs down by extending product freshness. By extending product shelf life, retailers can save thousands of dollars per year.

Why Choose Econofrost? – Why choose Econofrost as your low cost, high quality solution for refrigerated display case covers? With Econofrost Night Covers you hold case temperatures better, reduce your electricity consumption, and keep product fresher for longer. Econofrost rolls out of view and unlike expensive glass doors, it does not interfere with shopping. Econofrost is a durable, long lasting product that requires little to no maintenance or service cost. There is a reason after 30 years we are the night cover solution most used by retailers and original equipment manufacturers.

Keep Your Product Fresh and Save Money with Econofrost! – All night covers are not created equal. Econofrost night covers are the results of 30 years of experience in the retail display industry. With over 300,000 installations of Econofrost worldwide, you can count on superior quality and low maintenance resulting in outstanding return on your investment. Keep your product fresh and save money with Econofrost.

Econofrost XL Night Cover Installation Video – Video illustrating how to install the Econofrost XL unit in a Hussmann Excel Case using the pre-existing brackets

Econofrost Service Record – Econofrost outlasts and out performs other night covers. Safe for use around perishable foods and produce, our night covers have been independently tested and proven to save energy, improve the efficiency of refrigeration systems, and extending the shelf life of perishable products. The robust construction and quality design features of Econofrost ensure the longest serviceable life and lowest true cost of ownership.

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