As consumer watchdogs and health officials file a petition to ban the sale of consumer products that use Silver Nanotechnology Econofrost founder Mark Granfar assures retailers that Econofrost night covers do not contain silver nanotechnology and were engineered specifically for food applications making them a viable, effective and food-safe tool to reduce energy consumption and increase product integrity. Our goal from the very start was to manufacture a night cover for food retail environments. We understood the need to create an effective product that met both the needs of the consumer and the industry. Food safety was one of those requirements: Large chains like Stater Bros, Raley’s, Basha’s and Fry’s as well as independent grocers have all chosen to install Econofrost woven aluminum heat reflective night covers in their stores as a way to conserve energy and preserve the freshness and quality of their perishables on display

“We totally support and encourage stores to initiate an in-store test,” says key account representative Jamie Orr. “The benefits of installing Econofrost night covers far outweigh the benefits of other night covers on the market because of the advantages in design and quality. We know our night covers are modular in design and will last a long time saving the retailer thousands of dollars over the years.”

Manufacturers who engineer their products with silver nano-technology and do so claiming it has antibacterial benefits have designed a product that poses a health risk to people and the environments. Silver nano-particles are extremely toxic and study after study is confirming the detrimental effect of using such materials in everyday items.

Econofrost night covers are made using woven aluminum fabric which is ideal for commercial refrigerated applications. Woven aluminum fabric absorbs very little radiated heat and reflects radiant energy away from perishable foods. This helps ensure cooler temperatures inside the case and more stable product temperatures. Woven aluminum fabric is also very hygienic and easy to clean and will last for years withstanding the daily rigors of a retail store environment.

Retailers looking for eco-conscious alternatives to minimize their store’s impact on the environment and reduce their utility bill can find more information on Econofrost night covers online at or they may call toll free.