Reduce your supermarket energy costs by installing Econofrost thermal night covers on the open refrigeration display cases in your supermarket or grocery store

Econofrost woven aluminum night covers conserve electrical energy on open refrigerated display and freezer cases. Independent third-party testing has found that refrigeration blinds can save up to 36% of the energy consumed by your case for every hour they are used, and refrigerated products remain at lower temperatures for up to 15 hours after the night shields are opened. Reductions on compressor power and refrigeration load are also realized when Econofrost night covers are used.

Shield and protect your fresh food displays from ambient store heat and light, and thus provide significant savings in reduced shrink and discard

When your supermarket is closed, Econofrost refrigeration screens trap cold air inside the display case while reflecting ambient heat and radiation back into the store. This ensures longer product shelf life and allows for a more temperature stable store environment. When product temperatures remain at a constant near the discharge air temperature, the product integrity is maintained, the fresh food shelf life is extended.

Use Econofrost night covers during power outages to prevent warm air from entering your refrigerated cases and hold temperature for 3-6 hours

Savings by protecting your perishables with Econofrost during a single power outage can more than pay for your entire night shade installation. Significantly more hygienic than cardboard, plastic, or burlap, Econofrost refrigeration shields create a thermal barrier to protect and prolong the life of perishable products.

Refrigeration night blinds are the best option for covering fresh food display cases in produce departments

Since glass doors cannot be used on the refrigerated produce display cases of a supermarket, protecting fresh fruits and vegetables with night covers is the ideal approach. Many produce managers see savings of up to $1/foot/day in their departments due to reduced waste and labor costs.

Econofrost Night Cover

For over 25 years, Econofrost supermarket night shades have been installed in more locations than any other brand

Econofrost commercial refrigeration covers are simple to install and easy to use, making them the preferred grocery store night cover among major leading retailers. Superior ergonomic design, robust construction, and long serviceable life separate it from all others. No other fresh food protective night shield provides the same number of years of trouble-free service as Econofrost.

Econofrost supermarket covers provide significant return on investment and can potentially earn you generous rebates from utility companies.

Energy savings, shrink reduction, and product quality improvements can provide a return on your initial investment in as little as one year. In the event of a power outage, Econofrost prevents significant product loss by holding case temperatures, making payback even shorter. In addition, rebates for installing Econofrost night covers are offered by many utility providers including Xcel Energy, Southern California Edison, Northeast Utilities, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Arizona Public Service Electric, Long Island Power Authority, BC Hydro and Manitoba Hydro.

Retrofit your grocery refrigeration cases with our night covers easily and specify Econofrost from all major brands of refrigerated display cases

Econofrost offers retrofit night covers that are compatible with brands of commercial refrigeration such as Hillphoenix, Hussmann, Kysor Warren, Arneg, Epta group, Carrier, AHT, Structural Concepts, Southern Case Arts, Panasonic, QBD, IFI, Borgen Systems, Zero Zone, True Manufacturing, Cayuga Displays, Jordao, Koxka, Federal Industries, ISA, Infrico, Frost-trol, De Rigo, Pastorfrigor, LU-VE Group, Nurdil, KMW, Kaplanlar, Smeva, and Frost Tech.and others.

Econofrost night covers will:

  • Improve product integrity
  • Increase energy efficiency & case performance
  • Lower utility bills & operating costs

Econofrost night covers are:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Durable & last for years