Reduce your Supermarket Energy Costs

Energy Savings can be as high as 36% to 50% per hour used

Econofrost woven aluminum night covers conserve electrical energy on open refrigerated display and freezer cases. Independent third-party testing has found that refrigeration blinds can save up to 36% of the energy consumed by your case for every hour they are used, and refrigerated products remain at lower temperatures for up to 15 hours after the night shields are opened. Reductions on compressor power and refrigeration load are also realized when Econofrost night covers are used.


Extend Freshness and Reduce Shrink

Keep Your Supermarket’s Perishables at Their Best with Our Thermal Shielding Solution

When your supermarket is closed, our innovative covers trap cold air inside the display case while reflecting ambient heat and radiation back into the store, ensuring a more temperature-stable environment and longer product shelf life. By maintaining constant product temperatures near the discharge air temperature, our refrigeration screens safeguard against spoilage, reducing shrink, and minimizing product discard, leading to significant savings and heightened efficiency for your grocery store.

Protect Your Perishables During Power Outages

Ensure Reliable Refrigeration and Significant Savings with Our Hygienic Thermal Barrier Shields

During power outages, Econofrost night covers act as a shield, preventing warm air from entering your refrigerated cases and maintaining temperatures for 3-6 hours. The best part? The savings from protecting your perishables during a single power outage can more than pay for your entire night shade installation!

Power Outages

Fresh Food Display Case Covers for Grocery Stores

Boost Savings and Preserve Freshness

Refrigeration night blinds are the ultimate solution for safeguarding fresh fruits and vegetables in produce departments of supermarkets. As glass doors are not feasible for these cases, night covers provide an ideal approach to preserving perishables and minimizing waste. With potential savings of up to $1 per foot per day and reduced labor costs, many produce managers have already experienced the benefits of Econofrost night covers. Elevate the freshness and efficiency of your grocery store by implementing our trusted thermal shielding solution.


Long-term satisfied customers are the true testament to product reliability. Raley’s Supermarkets installed Econofrost in 120 stores in 2001 and have since saved over $2,000,000 in energy costs. Their continued trouble-free nightly savings speak volumes about the effectiveness of our product.

Proven Durability

For over 30 years, Econofrost Night Covers have been installed in more locations than any other brand. Solid steel spring-core and rod are more durable and function trouble-free even after thousands of retractions.

Chemical & Pesticide Free

Econofrost is engineered specifically for the supermarket environment and needs only air flow to dry its fabric after each retraction. Econofrost design prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

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Calculate Your Savings with Econofrost Energy Savings Calculator

Discover the ROI of Night Covers for Your Grocery Store

Want to see how Econofrost night covers can maximize your energy savings and boost your grocery store’s profitability? Our Econofrost Energy Savings Calculator is here to help! By using this powerful tool, you can easily estimate the typical Return on Investment (ROI) for your specific store. Enter essential data, such as your store size, number of open refrigerated cases, and average electricity cost, and let our calculator do the rest. Experience the difference our night covers make in reducing energy consumption, minimizing shrink, and extending product shelf life.


Retrofit your Grocery Refrigeration Cases Easily

Specify Econofrost from all major brands of refrigerated display cases

Econofrost offers retrofit night covers that are compatible with brands of commercial refrigeration such as:

  • Hillphoenix
  • Hussmann
  • Kysor Warren
  • Arneg
  • Epta group
  • Carrier
  • AHT
  • Structural Concepts
  • Southern Case Arts
  • Panasonic
  • QBD
  • IFI
  • Borgen Systems
  • Zero Zone
  • True Manufacturing
  • Cayuga Displays
  • Jordao
  • Koxka
  • Federal Industries
  • ISA
  • Infrico
  • Frost-trol
  • De Rigo
  • Pastorfrigor
  • LU-VE Group
  • Nurdil
  • KMW
  • Kaplanlar
  • Smeva
  • Frost Tech
  • and others
Econofrost night covers will:
Econofrost night covers are:
Our Products

Depending on your needs, and on evolving technology, Econofrost offers a number of product lines:


Econofrost Distributorship Program

Join Our Exclusive Network

At Econofrost, we are dedicated to partnering with outstanding individuals and businesses that share our vision of providing top-tier products and exceptional service. Our distributorship opportunities are tailor-made for dealers who aim to elevate the value of their customer’s investments through cutting-edge Econofrost night covers.

As an Econofrost distributor, you will have the opportunity to establish trust and nurture stronger relationships with your customers by offering expert advice on efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions. We pride ourselves on carefully selecting our dealers, ensuring that we collaborate with high-caliber professionals to deliver the best-in-class products to our clients.

If you’re interested in representing Econofrost night covers, we encourage you to take the first step and reach out to us to initiate the application process. Together, we can craft superior refrigeration solutions and enhance the shopping experience for retailers and customers alike. Embark on a fulfilling partnership by contacting us today to explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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