Econofrost Night Cover

Econofrost woven aluminum night covers conserve electrical energy on open refrigerated displays and freezer cases and provide significant savings in reduced shrink and discard.

Also referred to as “night blinds” or “night curtains,” night covers provide an economical way to shield refrigeration cases and protect perishables foods from ambient store heat and light.

Simple to install and easy to use, Econofrost night curtains are the preferred night cover among major leading retailers.

Econofrost night covers will:

  • Improve product integrity
  • Increase energy efficiency & case performance
  • Lower utility bills & operating costs

Econofrost night covers are:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Durable & last for years

But most importantly, the Econofrost brand of night covers is the only night cover to have been validated independently by third party testing through Southern California Edison’s Refrigeration Lab in Irwindale California.