One of the biggest factors that differentiates the Econofrost brand is our global network.

Our manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce 10,000 Econofrost night cover units per month! For our customers this means that we can maintain regular business requirements while fulfilling key account requirements.

In addition, our comprehensive network of channel partners ranging from value-added distributors, factory trained service technicians, refrigeration engineers and service professionals as well as energy analysts all play a major part in bringing quality products and exceptional service and savings to your business.

Our network will help you implement and roll out your night cover projects from start to finish.

From store surveys to rebate information to transportation and installation, our network of professionals will help complete the most appropriate night cover program for your store. And with thousands of satisfied customers world wide and installations dating back more than ten to fifteen years, our service offering is really what sets us apart.

Who are Our Night Cover Customers?

With over 300,000 case installations world wide, the majority of our customers are fresh food retailers.

These include major chain stores as well as independent grocers. In addition to supermarkets and grocery store retailers, food service along with institutional organizations like schools and hospitals also use Econofrost refrigeration blinds to help them conserve energy, reduce waste and lower operating costs.

Econofrost night blinds are perfect for supermarket refrigeration display cases containing produce, meat, floral cases, dairy, deli and beverages coolers, and much more.

Econofrost is also suitable for low and mid temperature upright and coffin merchandisers. Econofrost’s working components are built to last for years of reliable service.

Coupled with a patented braking system for a smooth, controlled retraction every time, fresh food store owners save thousands of dollars annually.

For supermarkets and fresh food stores, there are many benefits to installing night covers on open refrigerated display case equipment.

The main benefits for fresh food retail stores are:

Reduce the stores’ energy consumption

Extend shelf-life and appearance of fresh foods

Lower maintenance and operating costs

Keep foods fresher, longer and support food safety objectives

Improve the efficiency, performance and life span of refrigeration components

Maintain lower and more stable case and product temperatures

Provide additional protection in the event of a power failure

Working with Refrigeration Display Case Manufacturers (OEM’s)

The rising cost of energy and trend to find new sustainable products and solutions is not a temporary situation but one which many original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) have taken to heart for their grocery retail customers.

Most commercial refrigeration OEM’s currently spec in Econofrost night covers as standard on their refrigeration equipment. If they don’t, many OEM’s provide the option for the customer to specify at the time of order, which brand of night cover they would like installed in their commercial display case.

For those grocery customers who may have missed the opportunity to specify night covers with their order, a retrofit cassette night cover is always available as an after-market component.

In Europe, refrigeration manufacturers consider refrigeration blinds to be a standard component for refrigeration equipment whereas in North America there is more flexibility with the night cover system.

Designing and manufacturing refrigerated display cases has grown into an intricate science, focused on efficiency and conservation. That’s where Econofrost comes in. Value added, energy efficient, clean, attractive; and designed to improve sales, product freshness and integrity while reducing costs.

We’re proud to work closely with many major OEM’s and independent case manufacturers to bring a reliable and cost-effective night cover solution to their customers. At present more than 20 independent commercial refrigeration manufacturers list Econofrost refrigeration night curtains as an option for their cases.

OEMs all over the world are discovering the benefits of Econofrost. You should too!

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An Opportunity for Refrigeration Service Professionals and Food Equipment Dealers

We rely on a network of refrigeration and food equipment dealers world wide to bring awareness of our product line and to add value.

If you are a refrigeration or HVAC-R service technician or a food equipment business who routinely services and sells to food retailers then this may be another opportunity for you to strengthen and differentiate your business from your competitors.

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