ECONOFROST Equals Business Opportunities

There are thousands of supermarkets, independent grocery stores and specialty shops on every street corner, in every city, in every state.

When you go out for a bite to eat, to grab lunch, coffee or a snack stop and take a look around you. Do you see cases like these?

Next time you step into a deli or mom & pop store, take a look around, how many open refrigerated display cases do you see? 3? 5? 10?

Econofrost Distributor Testimonial

In one shop it might take five or ten minutes to identify the opportunity to sell Econofrost night covers. And it all begins with one shop!

“I’ve been an Econofrost distributor for a few months now and every day I would go to my favorite local shop for a deli sandwich. And on one occasion while I was waiting for my sandwich it hit me, here is a shop in which I stop by everyday and they have open refrigerated cases! The opportunity was right before my eyes. Even better, I knew the owner. That day I got my sandwich and made money at the same time.”

An Opportunity for Refrigeration Contractors & Service Dealers

Econofrost night covers are ideal for refrigeration service contractors and food equipment supply businesses who are already in the marketplace interacting with grocery retailers.

If you are already talking to store owners and department managers then you already have the edge and power to offer them a product that can make such a difference in their operation, AND they’ll be glad you did!

Econofrost night covers are engineered specifically for food retail applications. They have been independently tested by a third party and proven to reduce energy consumption.

In addition, Econofrost night covers improve overall refrigeration efficiency while sustaining cooler case & product temperatures for greater product freshness and integrity.

Contractor Installing Night CoversNight Cover Distributors

Grocery Retailers Prefer Econofrost Night Covers…

Retailers prefer a quality product that delivers the results and savings they are actively looking for. Econofrost gives them the results and performance they are looking for.

The fact that they can use Econofrost night covers without interfering with their daily operations, is just a bonus. Since Econofrost is used at night when the store is closed, they do not create a barrier for shoppers trying to access items within the cases.

Image of Night Curtain Grocery Retailer Customer

At night store associates simply pull the covers down and the benefits start accruing almost immediately. Department managers attest to a significant difference in product freshness and appearance.

Every day department staff see first-hand a reduction in the volume of product shrink & discard and a reduction in time required to trim the displays.

Every month, store owners see a noticeable reduction in their utility bills which which means they are retaining more profit for the business. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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What’s In It For Me?

If you have an established business that puts you in front of independent grocers and specialty shops in your area, then there is even more opportunity for you to make money.

  • Growing Market Retrofit Covers
  • Easy to Install
  • A Variety of Models Available
  • Tough, Serviceable Design
  • Global Brand Recognition
  • Rebate Opportunities
Image of Night Cover Distributor and Customer

As a refrigeration specialist, a fresh food retailer relies on you for the servicing and maintenance of their commercial equipment. When you present a product that will save them thousands of dollars annually and provide a payback within two years (sometimes in as little as a few months) they are most eager to participate.

Even better, when the local utility provider is offering rebate and financial incentives to go ahead with such installations and retrofit projects, the benefits are even greater! The value is obvious.

What’s In It For My Grocery/Retail Customers?

  • Simple to Use
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Save Energy
  • Save Product
  • Save Money & Time
  • Make a Difference

“The produce/cheese case pull-down “shades” have saved me $400.00-$500.00 on electricity alone for each and every month since installation.”

George C. – Owner Tuscany Fresh Meats & Deli.

Asides from energy savings and reduced utility bills, the biggest savings is more often than not associated with improved product integrity.

Comments from satisfied Econofrost customers, what grocery store personnel are reporting in terms of improved product:

    • Increased shelf life,
    • Less trim on leafy greens,
    • Sprouts are keeping longer,
    • Frozen pizza is firm in freezer cases where before they were soft,
    • Packaged salads keep the fresh color longer,
    • Packaged beans aren’t puffing up like before,
    • Packaged meat is keeping its color and is not weeping etc…

“The produce manager told me that when they heard they were going to get Econofrost installed everyone was excited, & now that they are installed they love them. He reports far less trim now that Econofrost covers are in use.” Econofrost Channel Partner

A happy customer is a loyal customer and in today’s market every sale counts. Capitalize on your network and build lasting relationships that make it tougher for your competitors to steal market share.

Econofrost offers valuable business opportunities for a variety of distributors and resellers who wish to improve their sales or expand into new markets. Based on our many successful relationships with other suppliers of Econofrost, we are confident that our night covers can add significant value to your business.

Contact us today to learn more about joining the Econofrost team and start capitalizing on the retrofit opportunities in your area.