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Econofrost Distributorship Opportunities

Opportunities abound in the bustling world of supermarkets, independent grocery stores, and specialty shops that populate every street corner, city, and state. Just take a moment during your lunch break or coffee run to observe your surroundings. Do you notice open refrigerated display cases?

When you visit local delis or charming mom-and-pop stores, it’s hard to miss the numerous open refrigerated display cases adorning their interiors. How many do you count? Three? Five? Perhaps even ten?

Step into the realm of ECONOFROST distributors and tap into the thriving market of refrigerated display case solutions, offering businesses the chance to maximize their potential and stay ahead of the competition.


Inventory-Free Sales Opportunities

Access ready-to-ship products

With our unique sales model, you don’t need to maintain inventory to start selling our products. Instead, our streamlined process focuses on measuring the specific requirements of your clients, allowing us to swiftly ship inventory from our readily available stock. All you need are some samples, which we are more than happy to provide.

This efficient approach ensures that you can easily offer our high-quality products to your customers without the hassle of managing inventory, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service and satisfying their needs.

Comprehensive Sales Support and Partnership

At Econofrost, we prioritize your success as our distribution partner by providing extensive training, support, and protection for your sales efforts. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we always include a dedicated sales or installation partner to assist you throughout the process.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond training, as we offer full support for sales presentations to your esteemed VIP clients. Moreover, we ensure that our partners are protected and included in every step of the sales and installation journey.

Reach out to us to learn more about the current ways we support our valued distribution partners and maximize your potential for growth and profitability.

Training, support, and protection for your sales efforts
Night covers excel in enhancing product visibility and driving impulse sales, surpassing glass doors in these essential areas

Enhance Refrigeration Efficiency Without Costly Retrofits

In the world of refrigeration, numerous display cases still operate without the use of glass doors. While glass doors are commonly found in vertical cases, they are often absent in produce, horizontal, or service cases. Retrofitting older cases with glass doors can also prove to be a significant expense.

However, there’s a solution that doesn’t require costly retrofits. At Econofrost, we offer innovative alternatives such as night covers that can enhance the efficiency of open refrigeration display cases. Our cost-effective solutions provide the benefits of reduced energy consumption and improved product preservation, without the need for extensive modifications or expensive installations. Experience the advantages of enhanced refrigeration performance while optimizing operational costs by exploring our range of efficient solutions.

“I’ve been an Econofrost distributor for a few months now and every day I would go to my favorite local shop for a deli sandwich. On one occasion while I was waiting for my sandwich it hit me, here is a shop in which I stop by everyday and they have open refrigerated cases! The opportunity was right before my eyes. Even better, I knew the owner. That day I got my sandwich and made money at the same time”.

Rapid ROI for Produce Cases

with Econofrost Night Curtains

When it comes to retrofits for produce cases, the return on investment (ROI) is often remarkably swift. At Econofrost, we have witnessed numerous success stories where our clients have experienced substantial savings within just a few weeks.

By utilizing our Econofrost night covers, specifically designed for produce cases, businesses have reported daily savings of up to $1 per square foot. These impressive cost reductions are a testament to the energy efficiency and product preservation benefits provided by our night covers.

Hassle-Free Installation

No technical staff required

Econofrost, we prioritize convenience and simplicity when it comes to retrofitting display cases with our night covers. You don’t need any technical staff or specialized expertise to install our covers successfully. We provide comprehensive training and all the necessary components to ensure a seamless installation process. In fact, with our magnetic installation option, it’s as easy as placing the unit instantly in the desired position and securing it.

Say goodbye to complex installation procedures and hello to effortless retrofitting with Econofrost night covers. Experience the ease and efficiency of our solution, allowing you to focus on serving your customers while they’re reaping the benefits of improved energy efficiency and product preservation.

Night covers ensure perishable food items remain at a safe holding temperature until power is restored or other longer term measures are implemented

Unlocking the Full Range of Benefits

More than just Energy Savings

Econofrost night covers offer more than just energy savings. They provide a host of additional advantages that can greatly benefit businesses. From safeguarding the shelf life of perishable products and minimizing waste to ensuring consistent temperature and humidity control, our night covers offer comprehensive protection. They even provide power outage protection and much more, making them an invaluable asset for your client’s operations. Experience the full range of benefits with Econofrost night covers and elevate your client’s business to new heights.

Empowering Refrigeration Contractors & Service Dealers

With Econofrost Night Covers

As a refrigeration service contractor or food equipment supply business already engaged with grocery retailers, you have a unique opportunity to leverage the power of Econofrost night covers. By offering a product that can truly transform their operations, you stand out from the competition and earn the gratitude of store owners and department managers.

Econofrost night covers are meticulously designed for food retail environments, proven through independent third-party testing to significantly reduce energy consumption. These covers not only enhance refrigeration efficiency but also maintain optimal cooler case and product temperatures, ensuring superior freshness and product integrity. Don’t miss out on the chance to deliver these invaluable benefits to your clients and strengthen your position in the market.

9600 Series

Boost Product Freshness & Appearance

At night, store associates simply pull the covers down and the benefits start accruing almost immediately. Department managers attest to a significant difference in product freshness and appearance.

Every day department staff see first-hand a reduction in the volume of product shrink & discard and a reduction in time required to trim the displays.

Every month, store owners see a noticeable reduction in their utility bills which which means they are retaining more profit for the business. It’s a win-win for everybody.

What’s in it for me?

You have an established business that puts you in front of independent grocers and specialty shops in your area, then there is even more opportunity for you to make money.

• Growing market for retrofit covers
• Easy to install
• A variety of models available
• Tough, serviceable design
• Global brand recognition
• Rebate opportunities

As a refrigeration specialist, a fresh food retailer relies on you for the servicing and maintenance of their commercial equipment. When you present a product that will save them thousands of dollars annually and provide a payback within two years (sometimes in as little as a few months) they are most eager to participate.Even better, when the local utility provider is offering rebate and financial incentives to go ahead with such installations and retrofit projects, the benefits are even greater! The value is obvious.

What’s In It For My Grocery/Retail Customers?

Simple to Use

Lower Utility Bills

Saves Product

Saves Energy

Makes a Difference

Saves Time & Money

“The produce/cheese case pull-down “shades” have saved me $400 – $500 on electricity alone for each and every month since installation.”

George C. – Owner, Tuscany Fresh Meats & Deli

Customer Feedback
Enhanced Product Performance, According to Satisfied Econofrost Clients

• Increased shelf life
• Less trim on leafy greens
• Sprouts are keeping longer
• Frozen pizza is firm in freezer cases where before they were soft
• Packaged salads keep the fresh color longer
• Packaged beans aren’t puffing up like before
• Packaged meat is keeping its color and is not weeping


A happy customer is a loyal customer and in today’s market every sale counts.

Capitalize on your network and build lasting relationships that make it tougher for your competitors to steal market share.


“The produce manager told me that when they heard they were going to get Econofrost installed everyone was excited & now that they are installed, they love them. He reports far less trim now that Econofrost covers are in use.”

Econofrost Channel Partner

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Unlock Lucrative Business Opportunities

Econofrost presents a range of invaluable business opportunities for distributors and resellers aiming to enhance sales or venture into new markets. Leveraging our proven track record of successful partnerships with other Econofrost suppliers, we are confident that our night covers can deliver substantial value to your business.

Contact us today to learn more about joining the Econofrost team and start capitalizing on the retrofit opportunities in your area.