Rebate Incentives for Econofrost Night Covers

Image of night cover rebates

Econofrost night covers are one of the most cost effective and easiest energy saving products which qualify for retrofit rebate programs offered by state and provincial utility companies.

There is a huge incentive for fresh food retail stores and food service businesses and organizations to install Econofrost night covers.

The return on investment for many business is under a year when we calculate the energy savings, the product savings and labor savings.

Fact: The amount of energy that a typical store consumes through its refrigeration system represents approximately 60% of their energy bill.

The Cost of Energy: Identifying Energy Saving Products

The cost of energy is extremely high and rising. It’s common for us to hear about a grocery store with a annual energy bill in excess of $600,000! Rising energy costs and energy conservation is a world-wide issue as many retailers struggle with these challenges. If a store can save thousands of dollars a year or each month even, the installation of night covers is a justifiable and viable project worth undertaking.

From store surveys to rebate information to transportation and installation, our network of professionals will help complete the most appropriate night cover program for your store. And with thousands of satisfied customers world wide and installations dating back more than ten to fifteen years, our service offering is really what sets us apart.

To prevent the fading of color and to prolong the shelf life and appetizing nature of fresh meat products, it is recommended that Econofrost be installed on all open refrigerated meat cases. There are strict temperature regulations in place for the safe storage of meat products. And for improved product integrity, it is critical to maintain strict control over temperature levels in the store’s meat cases.

Utility Companies are in Full Support

One of the biggest supporters of installing an energy saving tool like Econofrost night covers has been the utility companies themselves. There are many utility companies that offer rebates for commercial projects that employ equipment or devices designed to reduce their energy consumption.

A few of the utility companies offering rebates for Econofrost night covers:

  • BC Hydro
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Southern California Edison
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Sempra Energy Utility
  • APS
  • Connecticut Light & Power
  • Western Massachusetts Electric
  • Avista Utilities
  • Sierra Pacific
  • UI – The United Illuminating Company
  • LA Department of Water and Power

For any retailer, supermarket or fresh food market it is highly recommended that they contact their local utility provider and inquire about a rebate program for night covers. Even if a utility company does not have a rebate program already in full swing many utility companies are open to such a proposal and approve the vendors claim.

To learn if your local utility company offers prescriptive rebates for night cover installations, give us a call, send us an email or connect with us online using the Live Help button.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Retailers Install Night Covers

Retailers are strongly motivated to install night covers in their stores for three specific reasons.

  • First and foremost is for energy savings,
  • Second is for product savings & product integrity
  • Third is for the secondary benefits which include better efficiency, performance and sustainability

In addition, there are a select group of retailers who also purchase Econofrost night covers as an additional component to their emergency response program to power outages and gray outs.

Image of Econofrost night cover customer

With the increased pressure on retailers to minimize the impact their store has on the environment store owners and department managers are looking for initiatives that will help them meet their needs while reducing their consumption of energy.

At Econofrost our goal is simple: we are here to provide retailers with the energy saving tools for their stores. We believe in saving energy, saving money, saving time, protecting food and helping the environment. Econofrost woven aluminum night covers have completed well over 200, 000 installations world wide and continue to lead the night cover market as the industry leader.