Floral Display Cases

While open floral merchandisers give easy access and support impulse sales, the prolonged exposure to store heat and UV radiation causes flowers and plants to wilt and die prematurely.

Floral shops are no longer the only retailers of fresh cut flowers and beautiful bouquets. Increasingly, shoppers can find a colorful array of plants and flowers in their local grocery or convenience store. Finding the perfect bouquet for that special occasion has never been easier.

For convenience stores, supermarkets and shopping centers, the opportunity to sell flowers is an opportunity to expand a product line and capture another segment of the market share. But in order to increase sales and really capitalize on the impulse buying nature of shoppers, fresh cut flowers have to look their best.

With the exception of holidays and special occasions, they truly are an impulse buy, so presentation means everything. Color and freshness means everything.

Retailers can enhance their profit margins and returns in the floral department by retrofitting their open flower cases with Econofrost thermal case covers.

Give shoppers quick access to vibrant and healthy bouquets and floral arrangements during the day, and protect these sensitive arrangements at night with simple to use, easy pull-down night blinds.

Heat and UV radiation can cause flower buds to quickly bloom, wither and fall off, resulting in flower bouquets that are lifeless and unappealing.

Econofrost night covers protect open floral display cases from infiltrating heat and radiation thereby extending the shelf life of fresh cut flowers. This means less waste for you and your floral department and satisfied customers with a centerpiece that is proudly displayed on their desk or dining room table for everyone to see.

Econofrost night curtains – not just for produce and meat departments; they are also ideal for floral display cases!

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