Freezer and Island Display Cases

Although the cold air in supermarket island freezers falls to the bottom of the case and is protected by air curtains, the addition of night covers can still improve the freezer’s efficiency by reflecting away forced hot air from store heaters.

Since cold air tends to drop to the bottom of coffin display case freezers and there are several air curtains at the top of the island display case, it is often assumed that island coffin freezers do not need to be covered. However, many supermarkets have increased the efficiency of their island coffin freezer units with the installation of Econofrost thermal shields.

In addition, our grocery retail customers also speak about improvements in packaging of frozen products. For one retailer, after they installed Econofrost night covers, they found that the frozen pizza boxes were no longer soft and soggy from the moisture that was produced by the heat above circulating to the top of the freezer case.

The woven aluminum fabric of Econofrost thermal case covers block general heat radiation as well as the forced hot air that is pumped from the ceiling to the ground level of the supermarket.

Econofrost thermal shields are the best retail refrigeration solution for all types of grocery store equipment including single and wide island freezer tub cases.

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