Meat Display Cases

Temperature control is extremely important in refrigerated meat display cases.

Night covers provide a practical cost-effective solution to a very common problem; fresh packaged meat that spoils, discolors and weeps at an alarming rate under the stores’ heat and lights.

When exposed to heat and UV radiation, meat products undergo photochemical reactions that cause the surface texture and pigmentation of the meat to change.

For example, assorted cuts of red meat and sausages quickly discolor and dry-out under the heat and light of the display case. Chicken products turn a yellowy color and appear aged and unfresh to shoppers making their selections.

Discoloration of meat products caused by oxidation not only results in deterioration of the meats appearance, it also affects the meats aroma and flavor. Even worse, it affects sales. Products that no longer have the expected preferred coloring and freshness lose their appetizing appeal among shoppers. Shoppers who think meat products aren’t fresh, buy from another store. Meat and produce are selective items for which shoppers are willing to be loyal to a store IF they believe it is the best quality for the best price.

High Discard & Maintenance Rates Do Not Have To Be “A Cost of Doing Business”

To prevent the fading of color and to prolong the shelf life and appetizing nature of fresh meat products, it is recommended that Econofrost be installed on all open refrigerated meat cases. Econofrost night covers retrofit to the canopy of the case and are used at night when the store is closed. In the morning, a store employee will unhook the night cover and it retracts securely and smoothly on its own accord to reveal freshly stored and protected product for shoppers to buy.

It is critical to maintain strict control over temperature levels in a stores’ meat cases, that is why there is strict temperature regulations in place. It’s not just for the safe storage of meat products but for the integrity of the product which includes color and moisture levels.

With Econofrost night covers protecting a store’s meat fixtures from ambient heat & light, all packaged meat products maintain their fresh colorful and appetizing appearance and natural mouth-watering juices.

In using Econofrost refrigerated blinds, meat managers and butcher shops enjoy reduced shrinkage, reduced re-wraps, more sales at full market price and more satisfied shoppers.

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