Cold Beverage Display Cases

Beverage merchandiser coolers containing soda, beer, wine, or juice maintain more optimum colder temperatures for up to fifteen hours by using Econofrost night covers.

The nutritional integrity and flavor of a beverage is altered under the harmful lighting of both the display case and store lights.

Natural fruit and veggie drinks can lose the vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that shoppers hope to purchase in a drink. Beer that is in clear glass bottles can produce an “off” flavor that does little to quench one’s thirst.

Heat and UV radiation from retail store lighting and heating systems are blocked by the woven aluminum fabric of Econofrost night covers, so fruit drinks, pops and alcoholic beverages are thirst-quenchingly cold and full of flavor.

Even better, while you are providing your shoppers with cold beverages, Econofrost night curtains are helping to improve the overall efficiency of the refrigeration system and its compressors. While the night covers are in use at night, they are reflecting warm store air away from the case which allows the cool air inside the case to circulate freely. The result is colder, more stable case temperatures which also means colder product temperatures. Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day!

Supermarket refrigeration technicians and supermarket refrigeration contractors understand the importance of properly functioning food retail refrigeration cases. That’s why they recommend Econofrost night covers as a retrofit retail refrigeration solution to their grocery store and food-service customers.

Capitalize on energy savings and provide your customers with refreshingly colder product by installing Econofrost night covers on your open cooler cases and beverage displays.

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