Dairy Product Display Cases

High temperatures and prolonged exposure to light can shorten the shelf life of milk and other products in dairy showcases.

Temperature control is essential in prolonging the shelf life and integrity of dairy products.

As the saying goes, “Milk does a body good,” but that is only if the nutritional integrity of the beverage has not been compromised. It is well documented that the flavor of milk changes under light and consumers are adverse to “off-flavorings”. Milk products are not the only items affected. Even the slightest change in temperature of dairy products can cause products to spoil. Most dairy products are heavily based in fats and creams which are quite sensitive to light and heat. That is why it is so important for dairy products to be refrigerated and kept cool.

Shoppers can instantly tell when a product is off, the flavor is horrible and they have little recourse but to throw it out. And then they think badly of that product and of your store, and that is the last thing anyone wants. The true goal is to maximize sales, and night covers are just another asset in your tool belt.

Retrofitting your dairy case with Econofrost display case covers will provide a protective thermal barrier which will reflect ambient heat and radiation away from the dairy cooler. As a result all milk and dairy products will stay fresher, longer and their flavor and nutritional integrity will remain intact for greater shopper satisfaction.

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