Is your Grocery Store, Convenience Store, or Supermarket

striving to meet Sustainability Objectives?

Are you considering alternatives that will save money and have an eco-friendly impact on the environment?

If so, then using Econofrost night covers on commercial refrigeration equipment, is a great energy saving way to accomplish this goal.

Every fresh food retailer can save energy, money and have a positive impact on the environment and in the minds of the shoppers by using night blinds on open commercial refrigerated cases.

What Is Most Critical to Retail Operations?

The most essential considerations for any grocery store is food safety and sustainability; both are critical to the survival of a food retail business. In terms of sustainability, the difference between turning a profit and incurring a loss comes down to the longevity of the product. A night cover is designed to keep the case and product temperature in balance while protecting perishables from damaging heat and light. Using Econofrost night covers on open grocery display cases not only helps keep food safe, it also keeps it fresh.

Capitalizing on this standard of protection supports the overall sustainability of a business and ensures shopper’s have the freshest and healthiest of items to purchase.

Econofrost night curtains are designed to be used when the store is closed; during the day they simply remain hidden, rolled away contained in a protective housing that integrates with the store decor.

Sustainable Product Design

Refrigeration night blinds provide one of the most effective thermal barriers especially when they employ woven aluminum fabric in their design. Woven aluminum fabric thermal covers save the most energy, which is a valued resource for everyone.

Night blinds are typically installed aftermarket as a retrofit option for open refrigerator display cases although non-cassette OEM versions are also available from custom display case manufacturers.

Retrofitting grocery equipment with a night cover is a great way to create a thermal barrier to protect refrigerated foods from heat and light. Econofrost heat reflective covers are let down at night, like blinds, and pulled up before the store opens in the morning.

Many grocery stores, supermarkets, school cafeterias, food service courts and convenience stores are using night covers in an effort to conserve energy.

Night covers allow these businesses to save valuable energy as the cold air continues to circulate in the refrigerator case while warm air and light is deflected away from the case.

In addition to requiring less energy to hold the case temperature during the night, the other major benefit to using Econofrost night covers is superior protection for perishable foods.

By decreasing the consumption of energy and electricity, grocery outlets and smaller independent shops decrease their footprint on the environment and save money on their electric bills.

Night covers are an important component of any energy management system

Let Econofrost thermal night blinds help your business reach it’s sustainability objectives.

Purchasing Econofrost Night Covers is a Smart Choice

When you purchase night covers, you are helping to make a significant difference, not only to your operation and bottom line but for your community and environment.

Tapping Into Energy Savings and Dollar Savings:

  Night covers conserve energy

  Night covers decrease maintenance costs

  Night blinds allow a refrigeration system to operate more efficiently

  Night blinds help food retailers reduce overhead and save money


And Don’t Forget About Improved Food Appearance and Integrity:

  Thermal night blinds block heat and light

  Night covers help maintain cooler temperatures

  A stable temperature helps meet food safety requirements

  Thermal night blinds help keep perishables fresh

  Night covers increase shelf life

  Thermal case covers help sustain the integrity of merchandise

  Night blinds provide additional protection in case of a power failure

Have a look at the Econofrost 9000 series product line and learn why the 9000 series is the industry standard for all night covers.

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