Commercial Energy Saving Products:

Night Covers for Food Retail Cases

Save electrical energy and promote the conservation of energy by retrofitting your open refrigerated display cases with Econofrost energy saving night covers.

Night covers (or thermal blinds or thermal curtains as they are commonly known) are an energy saving solution constructed for fresh food retailers and the food service industry. Any grocery store, convenience store, cafeteria or food service business operating with open refrigerated equipment can substantially reduce the energy being consumed by the refrigerator system collectively by using thermal night blinds.

Saving energy, reducing electrical energy expenses and improving the overall quality and freshness of perishable food items is extremely worthwhile for many grocery retailers. Large corporate chains and small independent store operators who adopt a night cover program realize significant savings in perpetuity.

FACT: Energy Savings can be as high as 37% to 50% per hour used.

How Businesses are Going Green

The “green energy movement” along with a grocery stores’ sustainability objectives, are proving to be a quite the natural fit.

Commercial businesses have one of the highest rates for electricity consumption. Of that, refrigeration systems tend to command the greatest proportion of that electricity, representing a significant cost to retailers.

Green energy saving products are an important tool in the battle against rising energy prices. Econofrost aluminum night covers save both money and energy, making them a complimentary component for energy management in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Supermarket electrical energy costs average hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Financial costs are not the only expense or impact; the average supermarket releases 1,900 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, according to the EPA’s Energy Star figures.

A supermarket’s refrigeration equipment can account for over half of the store’s total energy expenditure.

According to Southern California Edison’s testing, Econofrost woven aluminum night covers cut energy expenditure by 36 percent for every hour that the covers were in use.

Not only did Econofrost covers keep refrigerated cases cooler during non-business hours, they also continued to hold perishable products within the case at stable low temperatures for 15 hours after opening – long enough to cover most stores’ hours of operation.

Colder products mean colder cases. Colder cases mean greater energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Benefits

of Econofrost Reflective Refrigeration Night Covers

Use of Econofrost refrigeration case covers will result in lower refrigeration equipment maintenance and grocery store heating costs. Energy savings anywhere between 37% to 50% per hour is typical for the hours when a supermarket is closed.

Econofrost’s effective thermal barrier will reduce the cost of heating the supermarket, as well as the cost of maintaining compressors and commercial refrigeration systems. Commercial refrigeration compressors and store heating systems will operate more efficiently, less frequently, and will require less energy.

Looking for a night cover product that can be wired into your energy management system? Econofrost’s line of motor driven electric blinds are ideal for long line-ups of refrigerated cases, meat prep rooms and service room and cold storage areas.

Engineering a “Green” Energy Saving Night Curtain

Econofrost night covers are a green energy-saving product that helps to improve a stores’ energy efficiency once installed. Even better, their manufacture is also eco-conscious and food-safe.

Econofrost thermal night covers consist of woven aluminum fabric with no coating of pesticide or nano-silver particles needed to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Aluminum is the best fabric to use in night curtains in terms of energy savings and thermal properties. In addition, it is naturally resistant to corrosion and bacterial growth. Precision perforations across Econofrost’s fabric allow moisture to evaporate ensuring the night cover stays dry.

Econofrost’s durability also distinguishes it as the preferred thermal night cover product on the market. Night covers that need to be serviced and replaced regularly are not only a risky investment, but a future source of landfill waste.

In addition to supporting energy conservation, Econofrost night covers affix permanently to a grocery store’s commercial refrigeration units which reduces the liability and maintenance issues associated with temporary or non-permanent mounting systems.

Econofrost’s durable aluminum construction and patented hydraulic braking system ensures your night cover lasts for years. Many of the Econofrost line of night covers utilize a modular design concept; individual pieces may be replaced over the years saving retailers more money in servicing and replacement costs.

Purchasing and re-installing a replacement night cover every year is not only costly to the pocket book but wasteful and strenuous on the environment. Many of Econofrost customers are still conserving energy and saving product with their originally purchased night cover from five to ten years ago! Get a Quote Now

Energy Saving Benefits of Econofrost Reflective Refrigeration Night Covers

In many regions, fresh food retailers, food service and institutional businesses who install Econofrost energy saving night curtains qualify for grants or rebates from utility companies.

Night curtains are an energy saving product and are one of the most effective and simplest projects independent food stores can adopt as part of their commitment to conserving energy and reducing waste. And taking advantage of available commercial retrofit rebate and incentive programs just ramps up the cost-benefit of installing thermal night blinds even more.

Econofrost commercial refrigeration case thermal covers reduce energy costs, improve product integrity, save money and are a sustainable solution for many fresh food retailers. Some supermarkets have even been given favorable tax consideration for installing Econofrost night curtains.

Econofrost night covers enables retailers to significantly lower their monthly utility bills and save money by reducing the amount of energy used and reducing the workload on the refrigeration equipment. Retailers enjoy a more efficient refrigeration system with less compressor run time, less defrost cycles and more stable case and product temperatures.

Ultimately, this translates into a greater conservation of energy at the store level which means lower operating expenses and significant savings reflected on your monthly utility bill.

The initial investment in Econofrost night covers can be recouped within a matter of months based on the store’s current level of energy consumption, the age and efficiency of the refrigeration equipment and the current volume of product shrink and discard.

Although they may never see Econofrost night covers in action, shoppers will notice produce cases filled with fresh fruits and vegetables that are crisp and moist.

Shop owners will see a different sort of green, as they lower utility bills and improve the efficiency of refrigeration systems.

Installing Econofrost “energy saving” aluminum night covers instead of temporary stopgaps or vinyl strips is a commendable practice and illustrates a store’s commitment in achieving a more sustainable operation.

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