Wondering how Glass Doors compare to Night Covers?

While glass doors save energy, retrofitting them to existing equipment can be very expensive and cost prohibitive – even with rebates. Installing Econofrost Night Covers are a low cost alternative to glass doors, qualify for rebates across the nation and save at least 36% energy for every hour used.



Glass Doors vs. Night Covers

Another advantage to installing night covers is that they are used only at night and in the event of a power outage. And therefore do not interfere with merchandising or detract from the shoppers’ experience – often resulting in higher sales when compared with closed glass doors.

In the supermarket industry, shoppers, team members, pallet jacks, floor buffers, etc, all contribute to significant wear and tear on refrigerated cases. If for any reason an Econofrost night cover should become broken or damaged it can be replaced immediately with little effort. On the other hand, replacing broken glass doors is significantly more expensive and time consuming: they must be custom built and replacements can take several weeks, if not months, to arrive and be installed. While waiting for replacement doors, cases must be covered with plastic or left open, damaging product and wasting energy.

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