Econofrost XL Series

• Designed specifically for Hussmann EXCEL display cases

• Hygienic and Durable Fabric: The unique fabric, woven aluminum foil laminated to a polyethersulfone backing, ensures strength, hygiene, and flame spread resistance. Sealed with a polyethylene clear coat, it exceeds UL94HB requirements, preventing dirt accumulation and stains.

• Engineered for Longevity: The retraction system, made with food-safe oiled steel, ensures long life and anti-corrosion. Certified for 7,000 retractions or 20 years of use, the spring/brake assembly provides smooth, controlled retraction every time.

73473-01XL2 (4ft), 73353-01XL2 (3ft)


  • 3-foot and 4-foot wide models
  • Vertical fabric length of 78 inches


  • Installs into canopy of Hussmann Excel cases using existing factory installed mounting brackets.
  • Ideal for produce, meat, dairy, deli, beverage, and floral displays.
  • Effectively meets energy savings and shrink management objectives.


The Econofrost XL Series night cover is are designed specifically for Hussmann EXCEL display cases. The XL model easily installs into the Hussmann case, requiring no tools as it uses the pre-existing brackets installed from the factory. It is durable and utilizes a strap handle and magnet to fasten it to the bumper of the display case.

Providing retailers with a much longer service life, the Econofrost XL series night cover is easy to use and will far outlast and outperform the factory brand.


Fabric Type: Perforated woven aluminum laminated to polyethersulfone and sealed with polyethylene. Edges are laser sealed.

Fabric Length: 78 inches

Handle: Polycarbonate Strap-Magnet Handle Secures with: 2 Silicone-Ringed Clip-On Magnets on bottom rail

Mounting System: Installs into canopy of Hussmann Excel cases using existing factory installed mounting brackets

Braking System: Counter-torsion spring/brake mechanism; corrosion resistant

Factory Preset Tension: Easy to adjust

Bottom Rail Profile: Recyclable extruded aluminum (30mm)

Optional Accessories: Hook (for handle) in addition to magnet (magnet not detachable)

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