The Most Experienced Night Cover Manufacturer On The Market

With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide, Econofrost is the industry leader for supermarket refrigeration thermal blinds.

Manufactured to be durable and long lasting, the Econofrost brand of night covers is the toughest and longest serviceable night cover on the market. Many of our customers are still using their night cover 10 years after being installed.

Refrigeration Covers Built For Food Retail Environments Like Grocery Stores

Econofrost’s woven aluminum thermal blinds are engineered with premium quality components geared to withstand the rigors of daily use in any supermarket or retail store environment.

Creating a protective thermal barrier against circulating ambient air, a night cover keeps foods colder for longer periods of time. A night cover helps regulate both the internal temperature of the case and the temperature of food items for improved appearance and integrity. In stabilizing case temperatures, a night cover improves the overall performance and efficiency of the refrigeration system as ambient heat and light is deflected away from the case and cold air is free to circulate inside the case.

Night covers made with plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cloth linoleum, or other materials fail to block out heat and light as effectively as Econofrost’s perforated woven aluminum material. Woven aluminum has the highest level of reflectivity and a low level of emissivity (heat retention) which makes it ideal for insulating cold refrigeration cases against infiltrating store heat and light.

Preventing Food Spoilage with Refrigeration Night Covers

The biggest benefit of using thermal blinds is the improved product appearance and integrity of perishable foods.

This is especially important for produce departments where high rates of wilt and prematurely ripened fruits and vegetables make for containers full of discarded and spoiled food. Retailers and department managers who install Econofrost night covers on their produce cases see noticeable improvements in product quality and freshness. Store personnel no longer have to trim and maintain the displays as much, allowing them to better serve the customers and complete other tasks.

How Night Covers Work to Save Energy

A store’s utility bill, which can account for 65% of its operating costs, can be reduced by making a few simple changes. One of those changes is the adoption of a night cover program.

Installing night covers on open refrigerated multi-decks and wide island (coffin) freezer cases can lower the consumption of energy and save a store hundreds of dollars each month. A commercial grocery store refrigerated case that is thermally protected by a night curtain stays colder longer and requires less energy to maintain those cooler temperatures.

Refrigerated display case covers are recognized by supermarkets and utility providers as an affordable merchandising tool used to conserve energy. Tests conducted at Southern California Edison’s Refrigeration Technology Lab in Irwindale California demonstrated that Econofrost night covers saved 36% energy per hour used.

Econofrost night covers deliver the greatest energy and product savings as well as the longest product lifetime of any night cover on the market. That is why Econofrost is the #1 requested night cover by major chains, independent food shops, and local markets.

Don’t Forget About Power Outage Protection for Perishable Foods

Grocery stores that are located in areas where power outages or rolling brownouts occur can protect their perishable merchandise even further by using night covers. As part of your rapid response emergency preparedness program, if you find your store without power just have your employees pull down Econofrost night shades over the refrigerated cases to lock in the cold air.

You may have decided to install Econofrost night covers for overall energy savings, but one power outage incident can save thousands of dollars in product loss and cover the installation expense in that one moment.

This was the case for one major Arizona retailer who found their store without power for over 3 hours while a food safety inspector was on site!