When you buy Econofrost Night Covers

You are gaining the expertise, the knowledge and the network capabilities of a company who has been in business for over 30 years.

FACT: Econofrost holds the honor of having the single largest chain-wide roll out, having installed 551 supermarket chain stores across 3 states!

Our extensive channel network ensures you full access to the tools and resources needed to complete a night cover installation. Our goal is to help you capture the greatest level of both energy savings and product savings for your business or your customer’s business.

The Econofrost line of products is available world-wide with authorized dealers located in almost every state, province or territory.

The Increasing Cost of Energy on Older, Inefficient Refrigeration Equipment

can quickly inflate operational costs and erode a stores’ profit margin

Simple to install and easy to use, Econofrost night curtains are the preferred night cover among major leading retailers

That is why there is so much attention on energy saving products like retrofit night covers for fresh food retailers and independent grocers.

Store owners and operators are looking for simple and affordable tools to conserve energy, help food stay fresher longer as well as reduce overall operating costs and expenses.

For many retailers the Econofrost brand of night covers is the answer.

Econofrost woven aluminum night covers conserve electrical energy on open refrigerated displays and freezer cases and in addition provide significant savings in reduced shrink and discard.

Retailers who simply cannot afford to restrict access to merchandise or afford glass doors, find that night covers are more affordable and effective in reducing energy consumption and improving product freshness and appearance. This is especially the case for produce cases, high traffic areas and island freezer cases.

Commonly referred to as “night blinds” or “night curtains,” night covers provide an economical way to shield refrigeration cases and protect perishables foods inside from ambient store heat and light.

Did You Know?

We have completed over 300,000 retrofit and OEM installations world-wide

A variety of retrofit, OEM and custom night cover models are available. The 9000 series is our most popular retrofit night cover and our line of electric motor driven night covers can be wired into your stores’ energy management system for greater flexibility and savings.

Our customers are enjoying the many benefits of night covers and have been doing so for many years. The dollar value in accumulative energy savings, product savings and labor savings represents a significant return in funds back to the business. And our results are proven. Fresh food retailers, refrigeration technicians, energy consultants and utility providers have confirmed these results and continue to recommend the installation of night covers.

BUT most importantly, the Econofrost brand of night covers is the ONLY night cover to have been validated by independent third party testing through Southern California Edison’s Refrigeration Lab in Irwindale California.

Simple the Best Energy Saving Night Cover

on the market today

We’re committed to reducing the carbon footprint in retail stores world-wide.

Together with Econofrost night covers, hundreds of retail stores have already helped to reduce global carbon emissions by over 35 million tons! Let’s keep going!

Econofrost’s patented braking system allows the covers to securely glide back into place when they are not in use. You can retrofit Econofrost on any case type.

If your older equipment doesn’t comply with the new 41°F temperature regulation, Econofrost can help. By using the covers at night, SC Edison found that the cold product temperatures last up to 15 hours!

To learn more about how you can meet your sustainability objectives using night covers in your store, check out the Sustainability page.

Econofrost night covers are:

  • Easy to install

  • Simple to use
  • Durable & last for years

Econofrost night covers will:

  • Improve product integrity

  • Increase energy efficiency & case performance
  • Lower utility bills & operating costs

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