Elevate Your Supermarket Refrigeration with Econofrost’s Premium Night Covers

In the bustling world of retail, maintaining the freshness and quality of perishable products is non-negotiable. Econofrost stands as the leading authority in this domain, boasting unmatched expertise in manufacturing superior night covers designed explicitly for supermarket refrigeration systems. With an illustrious legacy spanning over three decades and a [...]

Maximize Product Shelf Life and Energy Efficiency with Display Fridge Night Covers

An Economical Solution for Supermarket Retailers In the world of supermarket refrigeration, energy efficiency is a top priority for retailers. Retrofitting existing refrigeration display cases is an effective way to achieve energy savings, reduce operational costs and protect our environment. Two popular options for retrofitting are glass doors and [...]

Wakeup Call for Supermarkets: Extreme Surge in US Electricity Prices is a Sign to Conserve Energy

According to recent news from BNN Bloomberg, US electricity prices have surged the most this year than in the last 41 years. Electricity costs are persistently increasing, and the government can not see them going down for many years. One of the significant reasons is the elevated prices of [...]

How Supermarkets can Increase Shelf Life and Decrease Food Waste

Everyone knows that, sadly, a lot of fresh food is wasted each year. However, most people probably don't know the actual numbers, and considering that the United Nations reports it as 2.9 trillion pounds every year, that's downright horrifying. However, the solution doesn't entirely rest with consumers, either. There [...]

Why Night Covers are a Better Option than Glass Doors for Refrigerated Display Cases

Every supermarket has a careful layout that is designed to get you to buy more items. Their strategy is very simple. Arranging the shelves and products at a certain height are common in the pantry aisles. The perishable food found in the refrigerated area, however, pose a challenge to [...]

Econofrost Announces New Non-Cassette Night Cover with Traverse Rail

August 3, 2016 - SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC - Econofrost Night Covers announces the official launch of its new 9600 Series of non-cassette traverse night covers. Econofrost's 9600 series night cover is the successor to the (now) discontinued 9300 Series non-cassette night cover. The new non-cassette traverse night cover takes quality, [...]

Econofrost Redesigns XL Night Cover

February 22, 2016 - SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC - Econofrost Night Covers is pleased to announce the redesign of the XL night cover. Though the present design is widely accepted as the premiere "no tools required" retrofit replacement night cover for Hussmann Excel refrigerated display cases, Econofrost took the opportunity to [...]

Metcalfe’s Markets Reports 50% Reduction in Produce Shrink and Discard

Econofrost Night Covers is pleased to report that by using Econofrost, Madison, WI based supermarket chain, Metcalfe Markets, reduced the shrink and discard in their produce department by a 50%. A local Madison company, Certified Refrigeration & Mechanical, installed Econofrost on all open refrigerated cases throughout the store (862 linear [...]

Seeing the Savings for Supermarket Refrigeration Equipment

Why do grocery stores need Econofrost retrofit refrigeration blinds? Thermal night blinds keep commercial refrigeration display cases cooler. As a result, supermarket retailers see significant energy savings, improved product appearance and integrity as well as lower operating costs. The open design concept of commercial refrigeration is an effective marketing tactic for [...]

Canadian Retailers Starting the New Year with Savings

This New Year, Canadian retailers are set to position themselves as leaders of the industry when it comes to undertaking retrofit and energy savings projects. And for many independent grocers across Canada, one of the simplest and most effective energy saving products they can install is a night cover on [...]

Thermal Curtains Insulate Retailers Profit Margins and Success

Product loss is one of the leading issues for grocers and fresh food retailers. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted world-wide on an annual basis. That is why it is so important to protect the shelf life of [...]

Energy Management Techniques for Grocery Stores

Every fresh food retailer who owns or manages a grocery store knows that their operation draws a huge amount of electrical energy. Energy management is a major area of concern for retailers world-wide. Many of the sought after products in a grocery store, such as dairy products, fresh produce and [...]

Retailers are Rising to the Challenge of Energy Conservation

Grocery stores and independent retailers like the easy access and excellent visibility afforded by open-cased merchandisers but lament the operational costs associated with these commercial cases. Refrigerated display cases pose a unique challenge to retailers – how do they continue to offer their shoppers greater accessibility to products while striving [...]

Supermarkets – They’re Covered When It Comes to Energy Savings

Have you ever noticed if your local supermarket or grocery store is using retrofit night covers to save energy and reduce product waste? Many food retailers have invested in night covers as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. Night covers are more than just energy savings, they also improve [...]

BC Hydro Energy Rebates

Attention all grocery retailers and specialty markets across British Columbia. Provincial utility provider BC Hydro has just launched new rebate programs effective June 1, 2010. These product incentive programs provide financial incentives to retailers seeking ways to incorporate energy-efficient products into their business. Market Group Ventures, a Vancouver Island business [...]

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