Where Can You Expect to See the Greatest Savings?

While for the majority of retailers, the most noticeable payback is attributed to both energy and shrink and discard savings, it is the “true” cost of ownership that separates each night cover product.

When evaluating a night curtain for refrigeration cases, the extension of product shelf life can be quite significant for many departments (especially produce and meat dept.’s) but it should not the be the limiting factor in selecting a night cover product. Payback periods are derived from a combination of energy savings, the reduction in damage to organic and perishable foods as well as the reduced labor time dedicated to trimming and maintaining displays.

However, there are other costs associated with selecting a night cover product. What are your options when it comes to using night covers to cover a length of space? Are you constricted to just 4-foot or 6-foot units? Or are 8-foot units available?

With 8-foot units you can cover a greater expanse of case with less units, which in turn reduces the number of gaps between each unit and also reduces future servicing and maintenance requirements.

Evaluating the True Cost of a Night Cover

What differentiates us from other night covers?

Econofrost’s lower true cost of ownership is the most significant factor that sets it far above any other night cover on the market today.

When making a purchasing decision regarding night covers, the true cost of ownership must be carefully weighed against the initial investment, the projected savings and return.

The following aspects are the foundation for Econofrost’s low cost of ownership:

  • Use of aluminum fabric & food-safe components
  • Quality craftsmanship and durability design
  • Serviceability & Modular components
  • Permanent fixture and versatile design

All of the above factors have propelled us as the industry leader in night covers.

Our night covers last up to ten years providing retailers with energy and product savings valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For our major chain customers, they have saved millions of dollars over the years, and helped contribute to a healthier more sustainable future.

For independent grocers, Econofrost night covers offers you a pro-active and cost-effective way to save money, energy and product. And with support from local utility companies, independent grocers have some of the highest paying rebate programs and financial incentives at their fingertips!

The superior design and craftsmanship of the Econofrost brand assures you the lowest true cost of ownership while providing years of trouble-free nightly service saving you money and protecting your investment.

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Energy conservation at the food retail level has never been easier and more supported than it is right now.

Econofrost Night Covers For Your Grocery Store or Food-Service Business
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Looking For A Fast Payback on Refrigerator Night Blinds?

There are various factors to consider when calculating the payback time for retrofitting grocery refrigerator cases with Econofrost night curtains, such as:

  • The number of hours the store is closed,
  • Local energy costs,
  • State rebate programs,
  • The current level of daily shrink & discard,
  • The retail store environment
  • The efficiency & age of the refrigeration equipment,
ECONOFROST Reflective Night Covers

For many of our retail store customers, we have demonstrated a payback period in as little as six months. Virtually every Econofrost installation will pay for itself within 18 months, saving retailers thousands of dollars each year for the lifetime of the product.

Long after your initial investment in Econofrost heat reflective night curtains is recovered, you will continue generate savings that can now be put back into the business.

Contact us today to learn more about how easy it is to install Econofrost night covers and how much they can save your store!

Econofrost refrigeration night covers are a trouble-free economical investment for any supermarket, and will pay for themselves within 18 months, often as quickly as six months.

For a more in-depth and custom payback analysis please contact us.