Econofrost Case Covers Allow Open Access to Retail Refrigeration Merchandise

The unique design of Econofrost refrigeration night shades ensures your customers have full unrestricted access to your supermarket’s fresh refrigerated merchandise.

Whether the aluminum night covers are closed over the refrigeration display case or rolled open, they do not detract from the aesthetic appearance of the supermarket. Econofrost refrigeration covers are not visible during business hours. The thermal night curtain fabric rolls up and is stored at the top of upright refrigeration display cases, out of sight.

Although the thermal blinds are lowered only when the supermarket is closed or during power shortages, the effects of these thermal curtains can reduce cold air spillage from refrigerated display cases to grocery store aisles for up to 15 hours after the night covers have been rolled away.


Night Curtains Are More Cost-Effective Than Glass Doors

As a retailer, if you are looking to save energy and reduce waste, you can achieve this cost-effectively by retrofitting night curtains on your refrigerated equipment.

Glass doors are prohibitively expensive for independent retailers who simply cannot afford the expense or time to reconstruct their cases. Both glass doors and night covers save energy but only glass doors create an additional barrier for shoppers.

Thermal night curtains will offer your business energy savings, improved product integrity and performance of your refrigeration units without compromising sales or your bottom line!

As an independent store owner, let us help you save money and product. We’ll work with you and your local state or provincial utility company to help you take advantage of available rebate and financial incentive programs.