Power Outages Happen – is your store prepared?

Econofrost Night Covers are a rapid response measure in the event of a power outage or brown out.

They help to ensure perishable food items remain at a safe holding temperature until power is restored or other longer term measures are implemented.

The savings from one power outage incident can cover the cost of installing Econofrost night covers in your store.

The retailer case study below is a testament to that fact and to the additional benefits that Econofrost night covers offers independent retailers and chain stores alike.

Night Covers – An Essential Part of Your Stores’ Power Outage Protection Plan? Protecting your perishable products and investment in case of an emergency.

CASE STUDY – One Retailers’ Story About A Power Interruption During a Routine Health Inspection

Having just completed retro-fit installations of Econofrost night covers throughout the 165 Bashas’ Supermarkets across the state of Arizona, Econofrost was allowed the opportunity to conduct tours for many of the attendees of the 2006 FMI Energy & Technical Services Conference held in Phoenix that year. The tours were conducted at a location each of Bashas’, AJ’s and Food City west of Phoenix.

At each location the store managers discussed their experience with Econofrost night covers and the benefits their stores reaped. Amy, the store manager of the Food City location spoke of an incident that occurred at her store only several weeks previously. The local health inspector was in the store recording product temperatures with her when the power went out.

Understand that this was late August in Phoenix where the outside temperatures were in excess of 115 degrees. The first response by store personnel was to pull down the Econofrost night covers on all of their open refrigerated display cases.

The health inspector decided he would remain in the store until the power was restored and then continue recording product temperatures. His expectation was that much of the product would warm-up beyond a safe temperature and would have to be pulled from the cases and discarded.

After 3 hours power was finally restored, at which time the health inspector and Amy, the store manager re-measured product temperatures throughout the store. What they found surprised them both. In no instance had the temperature of any of the product throughout the store risen by more than 1 degree for the duration of the power outage, resulting in zero product loss.

The potential for loss was enormous, as outside temperatures baked in excess of 115 degrees and with no air conditioning powered inside the store, store temperatures quickly rose. Econofrost heat reflective night covers maintained cool case and product temperatures almost exactly as had been prior to the power interruption.

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