Deli Display Cases

Improve Product Integrity For Deli Case Items

Lunch meats and cheeses in self serve deli cabinets quickly discolor and harden in the heat and light of the store environment.

But when you use Econofrost thermal case covers on open refrigerated cases, items like assorted cheeses and packaged lunch meats last much longer.

Deli items commonly stocked in refrigerated deli cases and tub merchandisers can last a long time only if they are kept at optimal temperatures and are protected from the onslaught of ambient heat and radiation.

If these sensitive deli items are not protected from over-exposure to heat and light then their color starts to fade, they start to lose moisture and become hardened and their flavor begins to deteriorate.

Protecting delicate deli items (even packaged deli items) will help extend the shelf life and saleability of the item. Consumers only want fresh looking and fresh tasting products and anything to the contrary will leave a negative opinion in their mind.
Fresh food retailers, delicatessens and independent grocers can protect sensitive deli merchandise and sales by using Econofrost night curtains.

Night covers are one of the most effective and simplest ways to shield perishables while benefiting from additional savings like reduced energy demand and trim and maintenance time allocated to displays.

Econofrost night covers deflect the store’s ambient heat and light away from the refrigerated cases, helping to keep both case and product temperatures cool. Retailers who have installed Econofrost on their deli cases and merchandisers quickly see a marked improvement in the freshness and integrity of their deli items.

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