Attention all grocery retailers and specialty markets across British Columbia. Provincial utility provider BC Hydro has just launched new rebate programs effective June 1, 2010. These product incentive programs provide financial incentives to retailers seeking ways to incorporate energy-efficient products into their business.

Market Group Ventures, a Vancouver Island business that manufacturers and sells Econofrost night covers world-wide is excited at the rebate opportunity for local supermarkets and grocery stores to qualify for retrofit night covers on open refrigerated display cases.

For many years, BC Hydro has listed night covers as part of their rebate incentive program however, this newest launch showcases some of the highest prescriptive rebates for night covers available. Previously the rebate for vertical night covers was $9.00 per linear foot and now the rebate has jumped to $20.00 per linear foot. For horizontal display cases the rebate is $7.00 per linear foot.

Night covers are a great tool for supermarkets and specialty food shops to save energy, improve product freshness & appearance, reduce product shrink & discard rates and lower overall operating costs. As the leader in the night cover industry and with the support of local utility provider BC Hydro, Market Group Ventures is encouraging all local stores to take advantage of this opportunity to install Econofrost night covers and start saving immediately.

With minimum energy savings of 36% per hour used and with reductions up to 75% in product shrink, retailers are saving hundreds even thousands of dollars a month. And with a serviceable life of up to ten years, Econofrost provides a great return on investment.

Econofrost night covers are engineered for performance and durability and have been designed specifically for food retail applications, it is the number one night cover on the market.

Available in a variety of models and standard sizes (4ft, 6ft, 8ft linear lengths), Econofrost night covers supports retailers initiatives to lower energy consumption, stabilize case & product temperatures, optimize the efficiency of refrigeration equipment while contributing to a healthier environment.

In addition, night covers provide retailers with instant support and protection during power outages while longer-term measures are implemented. Using night covers during a single power outage event often pays for the installation of night covers.

Canadian Region Sales Manager, Trevor Brien tells us, “BC Hydro has long recognized the value of night covers and efforts of local retailers to make a difference in their energy usage and impact on the environment. We fully applaud the efforts of utility providers like BC Hydro who support implementing such rebate programs for worth while projects.”