Have you ever noticed if your local supermarket or grocery store is using retrofit night covers to save energy and reduce product waste?

Many food retailers have invested in night covers as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. Night covers are more than just energy savings, they also improve product appearance and lower operating costs for a more eco-friendly operation.

An effective night cover product enables an open refrigerated case to extend the shelf life of products such as meat packs, organic and fresh produce, milk and assorted beverages and all types of cheeses and deli meats.

Retrofit night covers maintain cold temperatures within the case, so that food stays fresher, longer.

While shoppers enjoy the visual appeal and ease of access, open refrigeration display cases offer limited protection from ambient heat and light. The shelf life and integrity of the perishable items inside the refrigerated case may be compromised. However, the alternative of closed displays presents not only an economical challenge for many independent retailers but make accessibility to the products more challenging for shoppers.

Night covers are a viable solution for grocery stores. They retrofit to commercial displays and at night, the covers transform the case into a closed unit that keeps foods cool and fresh. The benefits of which extend to the daytime hours when shoppers find themselves shopping in greater comfort with an improved selection of fresh items.

At night, refrigeration covers roll down like window blinds to shield the case’s open front. The woven aluminum material forms an effective thermal barrier between the cold interior and the store’s varying temperature. Foods that spend the night in the cold environment a retrofitted case provides have a longer shelf life and are protected from premature spoilage.

Older refrigeration equipment uses a lot of energy. Night covers can help older cases achieve even greater energy savings, specifically in lightening the load on the compressor and other components. Even more, they help reduce the frequency and duration of the defrost cycles; the refrigeration system is now operating more efficiently.

Night covers are a smart component for businesses looking to save energy, time and money. A superior designed night cover integrates with the store décor and requires little to no maintenance over its lifetime.

Just before the grocery store or supermarket opens, store employees zip around and unhook the night covers which retract into a secure cassette housing mounted on the top canopy of the case. Shoppers now have a clear view of the open cold case displays and the items within. Open cases encourage shoppers to reach in, examine and ultimately place products in their carts. Under the protection of a night cover, shoppers are rewarded with the freshest, most appetizing selection of items. Customer satisfaction is sure to boost sales.

Shop owners also notice a great difference in the levels of departmental shrink and discard. Independent retailers will find that night cover installations often pay for themselves within 18 months, and often as quickly as 3 months. Savings can be in the thousands of dollars. In addition, a number of states offer rebate programs for retrofit night covers.

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