Econofrost 9600 Series – Parts

Image of Econofrost 9000 OEM night cover

The addition of an Econofrost night cover into the factory design of custom refrigerated display cases offers store owners a truly conditioned display case that has been constructed to provide unbeatable service and lifetime performance.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer of food retail cases, why not include the Econofrost brand as an option for your grocery store clients when purchasing their new cases for their stores? Many supermarket and food-service businesses prefer the Econofrost brand over other night cover products.

Together we will help all food retailers achieve both their sustainability and store objectives. Below are components for the non-cassette, OEM versions of our night cover lines.

Please note, we are able to customize our night cover products to better suit your manufacturing needs.

9600 Series After-Market Replacement Parts & Adaptable Components

Item #




Clip-on Easy Grip Slim Line Handle
for Item #s: 96104-01• 96106-01 • 96108-01


Clip-on Secure Snap Magnet
Fastener for Item #s: 96104-01 • 96106-01 • 96108-01


Bottom Rail End-Cap for Item #s:
96104-01 • 96106-01 • 96108-01


Spring Mounting Clip for Item #s:
96104-01 • 96106-01 • 96108-01


Hook for Handle (attaches to
bottom of refrigerated case)

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