Econofrost Energy Savings Calculator / Return on Investment (ROI)

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Refrigerating System Parameters     Average Compressor Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)**
Base Case*
1,600Load (btu/hr-ft)
24hour period
38,400Load (btu/day-ft)
12.6%Base Case Savings w/ Econofrost

Load Factor***
    100.0% Vertical Refrigerated Case
    76.1% Horizontal Refrigerated Case
Low Temp Cases
(-35 to -5 SST) 4.00 EER

Medium Temp Cases
(0 to 30 SST) 9.00 EER

Estimated Savings from Reduced Shrink****
/ft per day

* ASHRAE JOURNAL CH-99-4-5, Effects of Low-E Shields on the Performance and Power Use of a Refrigerated Display Case. Pg 8, Table 3.
** ASHRAE Handbook 2006 Refrigeration I-P Edition Fig. 24. Pg. 46.15.
*** ASHRAE Handbook 2006 Refrigeration I-P Edition Fig. 9. Pg. 47.5
**** Data from Bashas' Supermarkets (Chandler, AZ), A&P Supermarkets (Montvale, NJ) & Metcalfe's Markets (Madison, WI)