Econofrost XL Series – Installation Instructions

Image of Econofrost XL Series night cover

Installing the XL Series is extremely easy. Hussmann Excel cases already have the mounting brackets installed from the factory. All you need to do is to remove the case panels, feed the XL night cover inside, secure the unit, replace the panels and you’re done!

To assist you with your night cover installation we are also providing a set of instructions which you can download.

If you ever have any questions regarding the installation of the Econofrost brand of night covers, please contact us immediately and we will be happy to assist you.

XL series night cover installation instructions

XL Series Non-Cassette
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Econofrost XL Series Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove all signage and bag racks as required prior to install. Remove the Excel case canopy panels.

Step 2: Carefully unwrap the night cover and retain the parts pack.

Image of Removing Case Panels
Image of Removing Case Panels

Step 3: Identify the Left Hand side (LHS = round pin head) and the Right Hand side (RHS = tab spring end) of the night cover. The night cover fabric should roll off of the back.

Step 4: Insert the XL unit into the top part of the Excel case using the pre-existing mounting brackets from the factory installed night cover.

Step 5: Feed the handle behind and through the case canopy opening.

Image of Night Cover sides
Image of Installing the Night Cover

Step 6: To secure the RHS, insert the tab spring-end into the cross-shaped slot of the mounting bracket with the arrow pointing face up/facing diagonally away from the case and towards the store aisle.

Step 7: To secure the LHS, use the red safety catch (parts pack) and place over the round end pin. Next slip both into the LHS of the mounting bracket. Rotate the safety catch to an up/vertical position locking it in place in the notches of the mounting bracket.

Step 8: Test retraction

Step 9: Replace case panels and signage and you’re done!

Image of Night Cover Right hand side

Econofrost XL Series Re-tensioning Guide

Econofrost XL night cover units come factory pre-tensioned. Occasionally during transport the night cover may lose its original tension. Prior to installing the night cover, the installer should confirm the tension is set. Standard retraction time is 3-5 seconds for complete retraction of the night cover.

Tools required: Phillips head screwdriver, step ladder, 5mm Allen key

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