ECONOFROST Night Cover Payback Example

The following is an example of a typical payback period, ROI and store analysis.

Sample ROI Projection for typical store installing Econofrost Night Covers

*This is an approximation based on industry standards, your results may vary.
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Econofrost Equals Premium Engineering

Econofrost Night Covers are constructed to save energy, cut costs, lower operating expenses, reduce food discard/shrink and help protect the environment.

Fastest Industry Payback & Lowest Cost of Ownership!

Econofrost night covers last for years providing you with one of the fastest returns on investment
– saving you thousands of dollars each and every year!

Night Covers Generate More Than Just Energy Savings

For most grocery retailers, Econofrost night covers reduce product shrink and discard rates saving them significant amounts of money and shortening the overall payback period.

For many store owners, the payback period once shrink rates are calculated, is often less than a year!

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