The best way to protect the contents of refrigerated coolers while the store is closed is to efficiently deflect heat and light emissions outward and trap the cold air inside the case, while allowing condensation to evaporate and preventing the formation of mildew. What makes Econofrost night curtains superior to others on the market?

Since Econofrost night curtains were designed by engineers to meet the highest quality specifications for usage, efficiency and durability, how do they stack up against others on the market? One secret lies in the unique fabric engineered to create an efficient thermal barrier. The woven aluminum fabric is flexible and coated with a thin film of PVC. Made from food safe materials, Econofrost night curtains are easy to clean so staff can ensure superior hygiene for your supermarket food displays.

Comparison of materials used for cabinet covers. The specialized Econofrost woven aluminum fabric effectively blocks UV radiation and light. Of all materials used for refrigeration night covers, aluminum is the most effective thermal shield for reflecting heat and is successfully employed in Econofrost night curtains to block 70% of the ambient heat from supermarket aisles. The polyester coating contributes flexibility, strength and durability.

By comparison, materials used to cover refrigerated cabinets such as cloth, plastic, or linoleum materials tend to attract and retain heat, while plastic can become brittle and discolored. Rough or hard-to-clean surfaces such as fabric or textured plastic attract moisture and dust and provide places for molds and mildew to grow. Besides being difficult to wash, polyester film alone is not as energy efficient as polyester coated aluminum, and loses its tension and appearance over time. Damaging UV radiation easily passes through clear plastic, glass panels and glass refrigerator doors and glass doors are subject to fogging. Though useful for maintaining stable temperatures, closed cabinets and the use of daytime covers both reduce physical access to merchandise, creating a visual barrier between the goods and the customer at peak shopping times

Compared with plastic, glass and other materials, the benefits of installing Econofrost woven aluminum thermal curtains for overnight use are clear: reduced energy usage, extended shelf life and food safety. Econofrost refrigeration blinds are easily installed as retrofits on all open refrigerated cases. Factory installed Econofrost night covers are available in standard widths of 4, 6, and 8 feet, and custom orders are welcome. Once installed, they are easy to use and maintain, will keep their shape and last for many years.