Western Grocer, a long-established Canadian retail publication, August edition, features Econofrost night covers in Whats Cool in Cooling.

The article showcases Econofrost as an innovative technology for refrigerated merchandising cases to help grocers protect their profit margins, leading the way to reduced energy expenditures while maintaining food storage safety, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Western Grocers, Colleen Stewart noted that sales of Econofrost woven aluminum night covers for refrigerated product display cases are taking off globally in a big way. Jamie Orr, key account manager for Econofrost reports that new installations in perishable food merchandisers are saving more than the full cost of the Econofrost installation in a matter of weeks, with demonstrated payback periods of three to eighteen months when a store is closed a minimum of 60 hours a week.

How do Econofrost night curtains work? The benefits are accomplished overnight. Made from a woven heat reflective material, Econofrost night covers stabilize cool temperatures in open refrigeration cases to reduce energy consumption while a store is closed. Better temperature and humidity control prolongs the shelf life of refrigerated merchandise and decreases the energy load on refrigeration equipment. Independent laboratory tests have proven direct energy savings of up to 36% during the hours used from lower heating and air conditioning costs. Econofrost night covers can be specified as an option from most manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment or ordered for retrofits.

Econofrost has served the supermarket industry since 1975 and made over 250,000 installations in nearly 30 countries. Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Econofrost and Promolux Lighting International, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.