Product loss is one of the leading issues for grocers and fresh food retailers. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted world-wide on an annual basis. That is why it is so important to protect the shelf life of perishable foods at the store level.

Perishable food items such as those displayed in open refrigeration merchandising units are particularly susceptible to spoilage as they are exposed to ambient heat and light. This refrigeration must work harder to maintain cooler case temperatures against the the heated temperatures of the store. This process expends a lot of energy which represents a significant cost for retailers.

How to Reduce Food Waste and Conserve Energy

A good way to curtail this effect and reduce product spoilage is through the use of thermal night blinds, or thermal night curtains. Used to cover up open refrigerated display cases after hours, night curtains stabilize and maintain cooler temperatures within the display case over night, the benefits of which extend into the day.

As cold air is free to circulate inside the case and ambient heat and light is shielded from entering the case, products stay cold and fresher longer. Night curtains counteract the negative effects of foods being exposed during store hours.

As a result, fresh food grocers see a marked improvement in the appearance and freshness of their food items and save both energy and product as product waste is reduced.

Building Stronger Sales and Strengthening Shopper Loyalty

The investment in refrigeration night blinds will save grocers thousands of dollars in lost revenue and energy savings over the course of a year. Retaining perishable fresh foods in a more attractive and salable condition is a bonus for both retailers and shoppers. When it comes to the cosmetic appearance of fruits, vegetables and packaged meats, color and freshness are the strongest qualifying factors in our decision to purchase the item. The impression made upon customers by the appearance of refrigerated goods is enough to mark the difference in waning sales and customer loyalty versus a bustling store with a higher volume of sales.

A poor representation of overly ripened and wilting produce will most certainly guarantee fruits and vegetables are picked over because of their perceived poor quality. Just as with canned goods or any other item, cosmetic flaws will be more than enough for many customers to not purchase an item.

Refrigeration Night Curtains Make a Positive Impact for Fresh Food Retailers

When you retrofit thermal night blinds as part of your sustainability strategy the improved refrigeration and protection means that your fresh food products will last longer on the shelf and have greater shopper appeal.

Retrofit night curtains are designed to fit a variety of display cases, multi-decks, merchandisers, tub and freezer cases. The highest quality and performing night covers are engineered with perforated woven aluminum fabric, providing superior thermal protection against heat and light and durable enough to withstand the rigors and abuse of a food retail environment.

Customers still have unobstructed access to refrigerated stocked items as night curtains are an accessory used at night when the store is closed. They easily roll up and are housed in an aluminum case installed on the external canopy of the case.

When it comes to extending the shelf life of perishable food items and conserving energy, refrigeration night blinds are an invaluable tool for store owners and independent food service operations.

The Cost of a Retrofit Night Curtain Installation

As with any investment and energy saving device designed to save your business money, a quality constructed thermal blind will pay for itself in a short time span. Retrofitting night curtains on all open refrigerated cases is a wise choice for both large supermarket chains and independent grocers who wish to improve their bottom line and reduce waste.

If your dairy, produce and packaged meat cases represent a large percentage of your sales floor, it becomes even more pertinent to use night covers in your operation. Smaller stores and regional chains may also be able to cover part of the cost of a night cover installation project through incentive and rebate programs offered by state and provincial utility providers.

Your store can expect to the following benefits when using night covers:

– increased profits

– happier customers who will enjoy their shopping experience even more

– improved quality of perishable and fresh foods

– daily energy savings

– colder case and product temperatures

– more efficient refrigeration system

– reduced trimming and maintenance of displays

– a healthier more sustainable operation

Promoting good stewardship and strengthening your businesses foundation and the food retail industry for a better just makes good business sense.

The Econofrost brand of thermal blinds is the preferred brand of night covers among leading retailers. Constructed specifically for a food retail environment, Econofrost night covers deliver energy savings and the highest level of protection for your fresh food cases.

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