This New Year, Canadian retailers are set to position themselves as leaders of the industry when it comes to undertaking retrofit and energy savings projects. And for many independent grocers across Canada, one of the simplest and most effective energy saving products they can install is a night cover on their open refrigerated display cases.

Night covers install on the outside of a refrigerated case and are designed to enclose the open refrigerated case at night, helping retailers and food service operations save substantially. In addition to energy savings, Econofrost night covers also allow fresh food retailers to cut daily shrink and discard in fresh food departments. The savings for one retailer can literally represent thousands of dollars a month.

Econofrost night covers act as a thermal barrier, and shield sensitive and highly perishable food items from store lights and ambient heat. As a result, foods maintain colder, more stable temperatures for longer which helps extend the shelf life and appearance of perishable food products.

Unlike, the expensive alternative, glass doors, Econofrost night covers are a cost-effective solution for independent grocers and food-service businesses. They do not interfere with the shopping process and allow shoppers full, unrestricted access to merchandise.

Selecting the Right Night Cover for Store Sustainability

When it comes to making a difference and operating with a low impact or carbon footprint, the selection process can become tougher. Cheaper made products flood the market and dilute any real savings a retailer can achieve. That is why it is so important to choose a night cover that will last and provide long-term service and savings.

How to Protect Your Savings – Look For

– Night covers that are constructed with recyclable components and modular replacement parts that really extend the lifetime performance of the night cover

– Night covers that use true woven aluminum fabric as it possesses the greatest thermal properties essential for energy savings and temperature control

– Night covers specifically constructed for fresh food retail businesses; avoid harmful agents or toxic coatings that are used to prevent mold or mildew.

Night Covers & Canadian Rebate Opportunities

As a Canadian retailer, you may qualify for some of the highest rebate incentives across North America. Both horizontal and vertical night covers are often listed as a retrofit energy saving product with provincial utility companies. BC Hydro, Manitoba Hydro and Nova Scotia currently have one of best rebate incentives for retrofitting night covers just for Canadian grocers and food-service businesses.

This New Year, reach for the savings and start the year by saving money: inquire about night covers and how your store will benefit from a quick install.

We are proud to be a Canadian company helping Canadian businesses save money and make a difference in a positive and healthy way!

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