February 22, 2016 – SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC – Econofrost Night Covers is pleased to announce the redesign of the XL night cover. Though the present design is widely accepted as the premiere “no tools required” retrofit replacement night cover for Hussmann Excel refrigerated display cases, Econofrost took the opportunity to further enhance the features and design of its XL night cover.

“When we introduced the XL night cover in 2007, it took the market by storm. Retailers and distributors snapped up the Econofrost XL night covers because they are much higher quality and easier to replace when the original factory installed night covers fail,” shares Sr. Business Development Manager, Scott Werhun. “Now, moving forward into 2016, we have an opportunity to further improve the XL night cover, so we’re taking it,” adds Werhun. The Econofrost XL night cover is expected to hit the market in late spring of 2016.

In addition to the XL night cover, Econofrost’s product offering includes the industry leading 9000 Series night cover as well as the lightweight, smaller profile 7000 Series. Econofrost has worked with retailers, engineers, and food science specialists to create a safe, long lasting, and durable night cover product line.

Econofrost save at least 36% for every hour used, significantly reduce losses from shrink and discard, and are protection in the event of a power outage. With its headquarters and primary warehouse in North America, Econofrost is a global company with offices in Europe and a distribution network that services more than 30 countries worldwide.

For further information, please contact Econofrost’s regional manager, Scott Werhun (scott@mgvinc.com).