Why do grocery stores need Econofrost retrofit refrigeration blinds? Thermal night blinds keep commercial refrigeration display cases cooler. As a result, supermarket retailers see significant energy savings, improved product appearance and integrity as well as lower operating costs.

The open design concept of commercial refrigeration is an effective marketing tactic for retailers. Any time there is a barrier or obstacle to shoppers, sales are impacted. In the competitive grocery industry, sales retention and shopper loyalty means big business.

Open refrigeration display cases provide greater visibility and easier access for shoppers. The downside includes high energy costs, temperature fluctuations, and premature spoilage.

Econofrost thermal blinds keep the cold air from escaping a grocery store’s refrigerated coolers. Thus significantly reducing the damage from heat and ambient light, two elements that shorten a product’s shelf life.

Night covers also reduce the strain on refrigeration compressors that work hard to maintain consistent temperatures. Not only do night blinds save energy, but they also extend the life of refrigeration equipment.

Econofrost night covers are made from perforated woven aluminum material that reflects heat and ambient light away from refrigerated merchandise. Available in three standard widths — 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet — these blinds protect display openings up to 76 inches. They are simple to install, easy to use, and can be retrofitted on any case type or size.

The night cover’s open aluminum cassette design prevents mold, mildew and bacteria growth. All-metal assemblies and internal components prevent rust and corrosion. Reinforced edges save wear on the special reflective aluminum fabric.

Econofrost covers are fastened securely to the display case bumper with clip-on magnets and a slimline handle. These proprietary features provide durability and make the blinds easy to use and maintain.

Grocers and independent retailers typically operate on a thin profit margin, so they actively search for ways to boost their store’s bottom line. Econofrost refrigeration blinds are a dependable solution. The true aluminum cover on the market today, these night blinds are considered the standard for supermarket refrigeration.

Econofrost is part of Market Group Ventures, which works closely with individuals and companies around the world, in an effort to provide a sustainable and affordable way to reduce energy consumption and product waste. Many grocery customers are saving thousands of dollars each year and have helped reduce global carbon emissions by over 35 million tons!

Operating for more than thirty years, MGV Inc. has offices on Vancouver Island, Canada, and Barcelona, Spain. Warehouses in Barcelona and Blaine, Washington (USA) allow MGV Inc. to ship Econofrost night covers quickly and efficiently to customers worldwide.

For more information about Econofrost night covers, contact the North American head office by phone at 1-800-519-1222 or 1-250-743-1222. Or visit the website at www.econofrost.com.